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  1. Dave, tried to send a pm but it would not go to you. I did send you a text!
  2. Hope you all have a great time! We happened to run into EWACowboy yesterday at Hillgard Junction State Park. We introduced ourselves and got acquainted. Really enjoyed our visit!
  3. Chad, we are a couple of hours away and will not be staying in the park, but might be able to come and motel for a couple of days and would love to meet some of you. Is that workable....I'd certainly register, but just not stay at the park.
  4. We owned a 29-5T for a little over a year and really liked it. We traded it on a 43' RiverStone as we decided to go full time and wanted more room. We had a few problems with the Arctic Fox but, Northwood and sister company Outdoors Mfg, have the best customer service I've ever encountered. We were in La Grande where the factory is located, and the leveling system would not work. They got me into customer service at the factory and thought it was fixed. We got it back to the park and it failed agajn....they sent a team to our camp site immediafely. They could not fix it so back to the factory the next morning where they replaced the computer, called in an outside expert to tune the system, and replaced a road hazard damaged sensor. Turns out the real problem was the damaged sensor from road debris. There was no charge for the repair. I'm currently lookjng for a smaller TT, and I am really only considering Northwood or ORV. They both are a quality built unit with outstanding customer service. That combination is hard to find in the RV Industry today.
  5. Don't know if this thread has died or not, but I am also 6'8" and can tell those of you who are normal sized people that what seems huge to you is not adequate for the large economy sized person. I cannot give the OP specific info into which brands fit me, but the first thing I look at is whether or not there is a slide immediately behind the drivers seat....if so, I go no further. That floorplan will not work. If it is a front engine with a large dog house, no go....it will not work. For me, due to some health issues causing limited mobility, even some coaches thar appear to fit won't work. Sometimes it is a matter of 1/2 inch that can make or break a coach. But, the search continues.......
  6. We stay in town at the Rendezvous. We have stayed at Hot Lakes in the past, but in town works better for us. PM me with your info and we'll get together next time you're in town.
  7. Look who showed up next to us last evening! MrCobb in the flesh....and his lovely wife Donna! Dave called me and swid that it was going to work out for them to stop in La Grande for the night, so I reserved the spot next to us for the. They rolled in about 1700, just as I lit the bbq for some Tri Tip goodness. We had dinner together in our little "patio" area and spent the rest of the evening BSing about the old days. It has been 15 years since I last saw Dave, and I only met him face to face one time. But last night it was like we had grown up together and had not seen each other for years. From drag racing, to Jeeps, to things that go bang, to motorcycles, to big trucks and RVs, we have a LOT in common. What a great night it was! It's nights like that and people like Dave snd Donna that make life good!
  8. Dave, makes me happy to see that you are really enjoying the new truck. Make sure you stop if coming through La Grande!
  9. We full time in a RiverStone and have experienced temperatures from -10 to +108. Very comfortable in both extremes.
  10. Dave, the truck looks great! Glad you finished it in timefor the rally! Hope to catch up with you one of these days!
  11. Looks good Dave! Hope to see you when you come through here!
  12. Pork tenderloin sandwich is my go to meal at Mom's! It's the only PT west of MO I've been able to find. Looking forward to the "summit," .... we can probably solve the never ending question as to the meaning of life or does a fly, flying inside an airplane add weight to said airplane?
  13. I will be in town the end of Nov/early December. Hope to have a "summit" with you guys then. El Jeffe's would be good or Mom's!
  14. And boy, do I use a lotta soap!
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