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2001 cCarriage, Royals International slide control board location


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I have been having intermittent problems with my big slide going out. The rv guy I had looking at it is pretty sure it is the control board but we can't find them. We have looked in the basement and all over to no avail. My tech has 30yrs of experience so I trust his judgement. Does anybody have any experience with where Carriage put these boards?



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I have a Carriage C-Force “toyhauler” (it’s not a “toy” it’s a motorcycle, complete with lights, reg fees, insurance, scare your a$$ if you don’t watch it...) I digress 

The slide mechanism is big and simple- motors driving pinion gears along a rack welded to big supports.  There are no “boards” electric or wood that I know of. 

Have a gander at the Lifestyle forum...


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I too have simple motors, driving pinion gears on a welded rack.   The system is an Attwood  system which does have a large circuit board.   There are a couple fuses & a relay for each one of the 3 slides.   Mine is located in a different location than yours of course as I have a different manufacturer or trailer.   But mine is located within 3-4 feet of the batteries.   I would think look within 3-5' of your batteries.    Attwood probably still makes the boards....or an upgraded board that would work.

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   One way you could find the board. If there is one would to be use a tone generator. I tried to copy and paste but I could not.


 To use one you would need to disconnect a motor lead and then attach the tone generator and you could trace through the walls or what ever and follow it to the end of the wire.


 A few weeks ago I had called for tech support for an older leveling system. They said it had to have another board. I looked everywhere. Nope no other board.


 Hooked up a tone generator. Yep there it is. It had a ribben wire connection and was mounted on the bottom of the leveling control board.


 That is the one that had a blown fuse. Fuse was a 3.15 amp and was round about 3/8" dia.

 Search the net for a tone generator. That tool would have saved me a lot of agravation over the years. If only I had known about it.



 Safe Travels,.   Vern

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