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IBM warns of instant breaking of encryption by quantum computers: 'Move your data today'


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Hoo boy--

Welcome to the future transparency of today as quantum computers reveal all currently encrypted secrets -- a viable scenario within just a few years.


" Quantum computers will be able to instantly break the encryption of sensitive data protected by today's strongest security, warns the head of IBM Research.

This could happen in a little more than five years because of advances in quantum computer technologies.

"Anyone that wants to make sure that their data is protected for longer than 10 years should move to alternate forms of encryption now," said Arvind Krishna, director of IBM Research.

Krishna said that there is a type of encryption, called Lattice Field, that is thought to be resistant to quantum computing attacks.

"The good news is that it is as efficient as our current encryption so it won't cost more," he said.

Krishna is certain that within five years there will be widespread commercial use of quantum computers. But don't wait, said Krishna, "begin experimenting right now."

Source with the full description is here:


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3 hours ago, TheDuke said:

First of all, this is about encrypted data. Second it is about moving to a new type of encryption. Without knowing, I would guess the word "instant" may be hype.

I would think "instant" is it would only take minutes to break the encryption code instead of hours or days of computing time. 

Breaking encryption code is not free, so someone would have to have a good reason to spend the money read the files we have encrypted on our computers.  The cost of quantum computers would be pretty expensive.  For the super computers in use today, it still costs quite a bit of money to buy the computer time to break the code.

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Read the article. Instant means milliseconds not seconds. THe tecjh is not being hyped and we all take for granted that no one with any kind of computer will be able to just seemingly instantly breaking your and the bank's encryption. What this does say is take personal stuff you want to remain for your eyes only to a local off line hard drive and only connect to it off line.

If you don't care don't worry about it. But the tech of quantum computing becomes even more interesting as some machines come online.is amazing! I am surprised by the limitations as the speeds in some areas where it is unlimited.

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