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Fault code MID 130 PSID 27 FMI 8 on my new truck


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Guys, had the truck inspected and there where no faults, they moved the truck and the above code came up. It is a transmission fault, air leak or clutch out of adjustment ?? Thoughts ?? Cost to fix ?? Need to panic or is it something that could wait a week or two ??

Thank you for all the help in advance,


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The following is C&P from an online tech manual.

• Clutch system • Low system air
• Set point for clutch
position can not
be reached using
normal actuator
control Limit for
using actuator
valves exceeded
Clutch position is
outside tolerance
at disengaged
• Yellow lamp is
• Harsh start
• Harsh shifting
• Slow shifting
• Slow clutch
engagement at
• Air leakage from the following
component(s): Clutch cylinder Clutch
valve assembly Clutch cylinder air
hose Clutch cylinder air connection

Sounds like it could be as simple as have tried to put it in gear and move with not quite as much air pressure as needed.

Or it could be a bit more involved up to the clutch actuator/linkage/clutch itself.

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