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Funny how things change


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Thought I would share a little story on how the HDT grows on people. I posted in another area of the forum but unfortunately my Mobile Suites has some side wall separation in my off door slide. Long story short called DRV and they gave me the name of a dealer with a full body and frame shop that they recommended. This dealer is in the Tri Cities area of Washington about 4 hours from me. I figured we could take the girls with us and make a weekend out of it dropping the trailer off on the last day before we came home. 

Due to the nature of the trip and the fact the Kenworth was not ready for the season yet I was just going to take my dually  this is the same truck I have pulled with for years but not so much in the last 5 after buying the big truck  I made mention of this and got the following reactions.  My 5 year old said she didn’t want to take the little truck and that she would just stay home if I did.  My 6 year old and 12 year old agreed.  Then comes my wife.  She said I don’t know if I feel comfortable with is taking the dually.  Do you think it will be ok on the hills?  I laughed and said we pulled for years with the little truck, which by the worlds standards is NOT a little truck.  I then reminded her about how crazy she thought I was when I bought the first big truck.

In order to keep all four of my girls happy I pulled an all nighter to get the BIG truck ready for the trip.  It is funny how things change.


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2 hours ago, tyates007 said:

 It is funny how things change.


Yes it is and isn’t it great! ;)

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I found the same thing with our little truck 3500 DRW our Great Dane had to be on medication panting, drooling, hyperventilating. Just knowing that great big trailer was coming through the window after her. My wife shakes her head when I told her of the idea of an HDT thinking I was nuts.  Now after our first trip Dog is off meds and after a few time climbs into the rig. She goes right up the ramp taking her place on the huge elevated dog bed happy as can be. To top it off, my wife saying she sure wished we could take a big trip right now.........

Yes!!!        Funny how things change.

Life is great when you can scratch that hitch itch.........

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Howdy All,

This thread brings a smile to my face.  I remember back when I first started talking about getting an HDT as I was tired of driving with one eye on the road and the other on the pyro to keep the Dodge from boring up whilst climbing one of the many mountain grades I have to cross to get anywhere from where I live.  Donna would give me that look that said here we go again another big toy will soon be in our future.

The day I bought the Freightliner, we drove to the truck lot in Donna's PT Cruiser, I pointed out the truck, she parked next to it, we got out of her car, she looked UP at the truck asking so how do we get in the thing?  We climbed up into the cab, she liked that she could see much further then when sitting low in her car, she liked the air seat, the bunk in the back and when I told her of having a micro wave and fridge installed she smiled.  

The first trip we took with the Freightliner, convinced her beyond any doubt of what a wise move it was, now when we travel she points out how small regular pickups look compared to the load they are towing.  I can't wait until we tow with the Peterebilt, and she gets to talk to folks after we have pulled into the camp grounds, she seems to enjoy talking about her husbands toys.


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