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Disney Wilderness big enough for us?


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First off getting a site in Fort Wilderness might be the bigger challenge around the holidays then fitting in a site.  I was able to fit into a site there with our set up but yours is longer, one of the problems is if vehicles are parked in front of other campers where your site is. We parked the truck out front in the overflow lot and had only our Smart and the rental golf cart in our site with our 39' 5th wheel. Good luck and enjoy the game.

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Could not find much in the HHRV Campgrounds.  Here is what the Big Rigs site has for that area.  If you see "FF" it means the site will handle a 45 ft rig w/ tow.  No personal experience with any of them.

DISNEY'S FORT WILDERNESS RESORT & CAMPGROUND  Although specific sites cannot be reserved ahead of time, mention BIG RIGS Best Bets at the gate and, if available, you will get preferential treatment. There are many sites that can be made to work for you, but our recommendations are loops 600, 900, 1100, 1200 and 1300. Specifically sites #903, 920, 921, 922, 1101, 1103, 1122 and 1124 that are 60 feet. Sites #602, 615, 620, 625, 627, 629, 637 & 919 which are at least 65 feet and FF.

KISSIMMEE/ORLANDO KOA  Paved streets and sites. Site #108 is 65 feet, #128 - 70 feet, #100 - 75 feet (back out when departing), #110, 111, 112 - 80 feet and #101, 118, 119, 120 & 121 are 90 footers. Note : If you are assigned double up sites in the 200 and 300 rows, you may have a close neighbor if the park is busy. Wi-Fi.

LAKE MAGIC RV RESORT (CLERMONT)  Probably the best sites are 70 footers #622 thru 646 (except #637). Other options in the 65-foot range - #216, 217, 218 & 220 thru 248. A tad over 60 feet - #729 thru 747. Just shy of 60 feet are pull-in spaces #832 thru 841. For a back-in try 70-footer #860. FF: #622 thru 646 (except 637). Wi-Fi. Paved streets, mostly paved sites. Secured entry.

ORANGE BLOSSOM KOA (APOPKA)  Paved streets and grass sites in the 75-foot range - #48, 49, 50 51 & 75. For a 60 foot back-in select #39, 40, 42 & 43 while #69 & 70 are just a tad shorter. Wi-Fi.

ORLANDO SOUTHWEST FT. SUMMIT KOA (DAVENPORT)  Paved streets and mostly grass sites in the 55-60 foot range - #1 thru 6, 10 thru 18, 20, 22, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36 & 47. Don’t overlook #289 - a 60 foot back-in. Wi-Fi.

TROPICAL PALMS SUN RESORT (KISSIMMEE)  All streets are paved as are the “super” sites. Try #330, 331, 337, 355, 357 & 358 or #508, 509, 513 or 514. Numerous grass sites available, some are 30 amp. FF: #330, 331, 337, 355 & 358. Wi-Fi.

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For a couple of years, Fort Wilderness had two pull-thrus.  while the typical site is a back-in around a circle, an access from the road was cut into the two sites.  We easily had our 40' Travel Supreme and Red Rover. Photos

Unfortunately, Disney did away with them.  The sites are big enough, it is just maneuvering around the circle to back-in.

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Like mentioned. Likely no sites available in the fort. Especially Dec.  usually you need reservations many moons in advance. 

If you ever go wish to go we have found the back in Premier sites are usually ok. We are 65’ and with truck off and backed under the hitch we fit most sites fine. The outer side of the loops are a bit easier. They also can work with you if the site is no good. They can swap things up on the spot. 

Someone posted a few alternative CG. They are all a good choice. 


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