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East Coast Rally Update Feb.


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By my count up to 47 so far. David Dixon is plugging all the educational and social events into an easy to read format so hopefully will have that schedule posted here and on website in the next few days. Want to say thanks to several people who have already been confirmed for ECR "cabinet" positions. Paul G. will be secretary of location services (parking) on Saturday to assist folks in finding their sites and any setup assistance needed. Look for the guy in the yellow safety vest if you need help. Alicia W./Donna W. have been named co-chairs of women's activities so look to them for any questions regarding crafts, pot lucks,or ladies activities. Also thanks to Sondra K. who has agreed to take on the department of visual representation. She will be the official photographer so if you see a camera pointed at you it's not homeland security. For those who have already reserved with Deer Run for a site but not registered with me, please do so when you are pretty sure you're coming. We have 10-12 rigs which fall into that category and we are purchasing supplies and need an accurate head count. Finally t shirt orders close March 10 so I can get to printer. Any questions contact me at ecrcarl@gmail.com.



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What are the chances of getting a site last minute?



Probably decent. It may be in the B loop across the dam but it is a short walk and not really an issue. Kim does everything in her power to accommodate everyone. Would love for you to come if you can.

Here is the site map and the B loop has several long sites and knowing Kim and Rolando if there's not a site they will extend or build one.


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