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Sat finder for DISH Hybrid LNB

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Thanks. Just to be clear, it is the "Super" Buddy, NOT the "Sat" Buddy, right?



The "Sat Buddy" is this guy. I used to use one. OK meter but really not up to DISH triple LNBs and Hybrid LNBFs.


You're looking for either the Super Buddy or Super Buddy 29 -- both are essentially the same except the Super Buddy 29 has an internal 21/29 volt meter for DirecTV SWM dishes & WildBlue/Telesat/Xplornet TRIAs.


For DISH either works just fine.

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Well you could buy a new one for about $950.


I have a First Strike FS1, a very good meter with satellite identification for positive aiming. Unfortunately, it didn't work with the Hybrid DPH LNBF assembly. I normally use the Winegard Trav'ler and let it do the aiming. But with the change in Dish channel allotments where the duplicate SD Local channels are being removed from the Western Arc, using the ground tripod became a necessity again when we traveling the East.


After spending many hours try to aim with the FS1 and also my older Accutrac 22 Pro, it became obvious that a meter that was knowledgeable about the Hybrid DPH LNBF. I spend many hours searching for a meter in the $200 range and found no one would say definitely that they work with Hybrid DPH. The Super Buddy is mentioned in the release documents for the Hopper 3 and it clearly had the Hybrid DPH is its options list.


The Hybrid DPH LNBF is a really different creature and all the old meters are just out of the game. And if you think you can just use the Hopper 3 as the tuning meter, be ready for a switch check that can run 20 minutes before it tells you it cannot find any satellite. And there is no meter function until a satellite is found.


I could not have a Hopper 3 but there are so many advantages to it, I spent the money for a Super Buddy so setting up the tripod wouldn't be an afternoon/late evening project any more.

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