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Getting Ready and need HONEST reviews


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Hi all,


I've been reading the forums for a while now getting ready for the next step. I've had several MH's and we an Airstream when I was a kid. Anyway I know that all manufactures have their issues. So here's the thing we really like the floor plan of the GD Momentum 376th and I would like to know if any of you folks have thoughts on the model or manufacturer. I plan on buying next fall or spring of 18 and retiring in 6 years. So yeah I like to plan ahead. anyhoo thanks for your comments and thoughts.



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we really like the floor plan of the GD Momentum 376th and I would like to know if any of you folks have thoughts on the model or manufacturer.


I took a quick look at the floor plan. It looks to me like if the dining slide is in you can't get to the toilet. That would be a deal breaker for me.


Linda Sand

Blog: http://sandcastle.sandsys.org/

Former Rigs: Liesure Travel van, Winnebago View 24H, Winnebago Journey 34Y, Sportsmobile Sprinter conversion van

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The best advice I can provide is to look at a lot of units but avoid focusing on a type or brand of RV during the early stages. Instead, use your looking & investigation (this forum & others) to create a set of criteria that lists all of the requirements that a RV must provide, then a list of the "nice to haves" and then the "dont needs". This will take a lot of time and investigation and the lists may vary somewhat between a 5er and a MH but will have a lot of common items as well.


As a short example my 5er list included: Disc Brakes, Morryde suspension, built for fulltime, floor plan had to provide access to Bathroom & Bedroom with slides in, Residential refrigerator, tank size minimums, and so on.....


There were some things that as we continued our learning & decision making process that got moved from one category (must have vs nice to have) as we continued our investigation and learned as we went along.


The end result is that when the time nears where you are getting serious about buying you have your "measuring stick" in hand and can rate/eliminate rigs based on your criteria.

Gene & Lisa (and Abby)

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Not having access to the bathroom with the slides in would kill it for me as well. There have been many times when a rest area was needed and nothing was near. So even a quick (safe) stop on the shoulder has allowed a brief restroom visit.


The RV we have has a floor plan that suits us be we have learned that there are some things we would have added to the list knowing what we know now after 3 years. A residential fridge would be top of the list.


We attended many RV shows and stopped at just about every RV dealer we saw in our travels before we found the one that called to us.


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Welcome to the Escapees forum! I'm not quite sure how to respond to your request for "honest reviews" as I really believe that most people here do their best to share what they know to the best of their abilities. It may be difficult to find members of the forum who have experience with the exact make/model that you are shopping for so my best advice is that you consider joining the RV Consumer Group and take advantage of the vast amount of information that they make available to new members and in particular their ratings of RVs. Nobody is completely unbiased, as we all have our preferences, but the RVCG is about as nearly unbiased as you are likely to find.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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Thanks Kirk, I absolutely believe that the folks here are honest which is why I am asking. As suggested, we looked at a lot of units and manufacturers and that is how settled on the unit we did. The bathroom actually can be accessed without sides out. My main concern here is Gran Design is a only few years old and 376th started production this year. I really like talking to actually own the products in question but also value the consumer groups as well so I will be checking out the group you mentioned Kirk. So thanks to those who left comments and I will keep watching reading and learning. Thanks

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