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Freightliner M2 Tire Valve Extenders


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Tired of reaching between the wheels to check my air pressure on the rear duals. Anyone have any suggestions on a valve extension for the inner tires that won't fail in a few thousand miles?? The rims are solid aluminum and the center caps are one piece bolted on with the lug nuts.

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Do you currently have "Semi" style all metal valve stems? I say semi style to separate what a HDT 22.5 or 24.5 rim size type uses vs what a 19.5 may use. Our valve stems are all metal, no rubber anywhere except the O-ring that seals the hole in the rim. I have seen valve stems that are brass with the rubber grommet that seals the hole. These will leak with any side force applied to them.

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Not on a Freightliner , but on our Monaco : 6 years ago I had a similar problem , as one of the braided extenders that had been on the rig for who knows how long took a walk to a wheel owned by someone else , not by my choice .


Anyway , I ordered a new set of braided extenders as a replacement and installed one in the 'open' location . Real dumb of me to think that those braided extenders would last . I'm still waiting for any of them to fail in any form . Sure I have to top off the pressures occasionally , but , from what I've read , that has to be done with any combination of valves and/or extenders .


And , those braided extenders have never flopped around at all , let alone all over the place .

Goes around , comes around .

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I use the straight extenders. I had one fail over the winter storage last winter. From the look of it, it was probably original to the truck when purchased new.


I replaced my tires, etc this spring and put new extenders on. 6K miles so far and no issue.


Will add TMPS units when we head south.

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Any valve extenders need rubber or wire supports otherwise they can vibrate and leak or fracture. The link above for shiny RV sells the supports.

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