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Towing double


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In states that allow it for RVs, are there specific requirements for the type of attachment method among the three "vehicles/trailers"?

2012 F350 KR CC DRW w/ some stuff
2019 Arctic Fox 32-5M
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Most but not all that allow it require the first trailer to be a semi type (fifth wheel/king pin) and have a length limit of 65'. Your best bet (in my opinion) is to check with your State Patrol for what they say and can show you in their copy of the statutes.

I love the cops and all, but IMHO you're better off to read the statutes yourself, print them out and store them in your happy binder of all things law, and then find a friendly Trooper before "it gets real" to see if they interpret the book the same way you do.


Again, full respect to cops, but they IMHO aren't law enforcement. They are law violation documentation experts, who then turn in said documentation to a judge who (perhaps with the aid of a jury of one's peers) review the evidence against the law, decide if a violation occurred, and decide what punishment (if any) is appropriate. If the cops actually were law enforcement, they'd just drive down the highway at the posted speed limit and hold the traffic back/down to that speed. THAT would be enforcing the law. Since they are LVDEs instead, you're better off aligning yourself with the book(s) that the judge/jury would be reading so you'll come out of courtroom in the same threads you wore going in, which to me is far more important than the inconvenience of sitting on the side of the road with a "new friend" hosting a disco party on the roof of her/his car while you allow them the time necessary to realize that you've read the law and made a valiant attempt to abide by it before you ever released the parking brake. Should (s)he decide (wrongfully) that they think you violated the law, they can document it all they want, but you'll prevail in court.

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Your going to need to check the laws for your state like others have said. A commercial truck inspector like Big5R would be a good start.

I can tell you I pulled doubles for 8 years in CA with a pickup and was stoped once to check my lic and the 2nd trailers hitch and brakes.

Also CA requires the first trailer to be a 5th wheel and both trailers must each be under 28ft.

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