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Looking at a Super C


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I to looked long and hard at super c both used and new. I kept saying is this much better than my DP 500 hp that I currently had. After doing much reading on HDT setups I found a 2014 volvo 630 with a bed already on and ordered a new 35 foot New Horizons. I will have considerably less money in my new setup and I won't have to pull a car. I just unhook the volvo from the fifth and go driving. Just my opinion.



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sorry for the late post

There is a Yahoo users group for Dynamax you might want to check out.

I have an older unit, and it has been good to me. Dynamax was bought out by Forest River in 2011. They have discontinued the top of the line units. Not sure what else they have done to improve the bottom line

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I have a Dynamax Trilogy 5th wheel that is based on the super C. On the outside it looks really nice. When you start looking behind the scenes you discover that has the same cheap hardware as their lower priced brands. Would I buy again? I am not sure. It depends on what is available at the time. I would not spend the money for a new super c. If the price was right I may spend it on a used unit I. Really good condition.

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I did mean Dynamax. I was very concerned with the Forest River ownership. Spoke to many who've owned Forest River specific products sharing less than favorable reports on quality. I've taken a general walk through of the unit so far, but if we continue to pursue, I'll take a deep dive in the unit.


As a side note, we're enjoying our Heartland Gateway 5ver, but I'm not sure how this will stand up as a full time unit. We've done a couple 3500 mile trips with minimal problems. It just when we go to a campground usually we're the only one.

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If you get a Dynamax, chances are you will be the only one again. I really like my unit, and it has been good to us. We boondock as much as possible, and I have been able to get well off the beaten track. Places I believe no Class A could get into


Good luck with your decision

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As with most things RV'ing, our specific needs come into play. The Super C's, based upon the BIG TRUCK format/chassis, have a strong following buy those that need to pull substantial weights. (Many race teams prefer these, as they can tow their almost as large and heavy stacker trailers with cars, gear, and tools. And by their nature, they like to move down the road, and up the hills, at a pretty good speed:)!). And when pulling heavy loads, just as important (maybe more so) is stopping ability. These BIG TRUCK based Super C's, usually also have either a 2 or 3 Stage Jake Compression brake in them - a definite safety plus.)


Now of course, that is not the only reason for a Super C. They have the 'cool look' going for them too. And built on the BIG TRUCK formats and running gear, you have what should be a true Million Mile combo.


We at one time felt we might get a smaller stacker trailer, to carry a sports car, motor scooters and one ATV. Add a fold down bed roof mounted AC, and chemical sit down throne, and you have instant guest room too:)! But we decided to go with a conventional Class A DP and two a vehicle (Currently a CRV, but probably 2017/18 we'll get a 4x4 F150 Extended Cab with slide out cargo bed and shell.). This was due to my wife having a bad back, prior to surgery, and we did not feel ATV'ing or scooter riding would be in her future. (She is doing 90% better now, 4 years later, and it seems to be 'sticking' pretty good, though good chance over the years it may worsen.)


I think that due to what I feel was a better layout of living space in a Class A DP over the Super C, we would have probably still gone with the Class A DP over the Super C. But then again, we were not going to need to have maximum trailer weight hauling needs.


It all comes down to what you feel is the right living arrangement for you, and your planned usage. No right or wrong, just choices on living area and I suppose it's still legal for us to spend our money where we want to:)!


Buying a used pre Forrest River take over unit - may be a better way to go. Or, look at the used other higher end Super C's, dropping years to remain within budget - as their are some very high end quality Super C's made.


Best of luck to you,


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