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Need Help with Cookies, Windows 10


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At least I'm assuming the problem I'm having is cookie related.


Since I updated my old Windows 7 computer to Windows 10 HOME several days ago, I have not been able to stay logged in to sites like this one and another discussion forum I visit. I have "accept first party cookies" enabled. I can't find anyplace else that has to do with cookies that seem to relate to this problem.


Any ideas on how to solve this problem so that I remain logged in? (And, yes, I have the "remember me" box checked at this site.)

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after the upgrade did you change to the new browser MS Edge? The cookies file and the cookies options are browser specific. so having them turned on in IE wont enable them in Edge or Chrome. likewise Edge wont use your old IE cookies, it will build its own cookies file, if you enable cookies in Edge.

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after the upgrade did you change to the new browser MS Edge? The cookies file and the cookies options are browser specific. so having them turned on in IE wont enable them in Edge or Chrome. likewise Edge wont use your old IE cookies, it will build its own cookies file, if you enable cookies in Edge.


No, I'm not using Edge.


Edge was set up as the default browser, but I changed over to IE 11.

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On edit Rob posted while I was posting and looking for screen shots.



First open Internet Explorer and then click on the settings gear icon on the top right, then click on "Internet Options" and it will open to the general tab. about midway down you'll see "Browsing History" and below that there is a check box to "Delete browsing history on exit." If that box is checked that is the problem.


I do not clean with CCleaner after every time online but at least two or three times a week. The reason I asked is that you can inspect and control which cookies are cleaned out, and which are retained resulting in your staying logged in after running CCleaner, which cleans out all the non designated cookies to keep. I prefer to just clean them all and log in the first time after on my most used websites. Go to piriform.com and download the free CCleaner and decline the free trial of premium. Choose run nor save, and install it from online. Saving it is a waste of space as at least monthly you'll be updating it. Open CCleaner but do not run cleaner yet. Instead click on "Options" in the menu at the bottom left. then click on "Cookies." Go here and look at the screenshot: https://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep You'll see that it shows the cookies on your computer now in the left column, and on the right an empty column with "Cookies to keep" at the top. To keep a cookie you just left click one in the left column to highlight it, then click on the arrow pointing right, and the cookie will move to the keeper column. Then highlight it again and click on the arrow to the left and it is removed from the keeper list. Now that list only applies to what CCleaner does during cleaning. If another security setting like the one above in IE11 is deleting your browsing history CCleaner settings will not affect them. The only way I can differentiate between any cookies I want to keep is to clean all the cookies then go to the website, say rvnetwork, and then only those will show, and I can move them over to the right side "keeper" column. Then run cleaner again and go to the next website you want to keep, and move those over.


But somewhere you have a security setting that deletes your browser history and I suspect that you inadvertently checked the delete browsing history box on the general screen of Internet Option in the IE11 settings.


When you use CCleaner it will give you a warning that you are about to delete files! Disregard that and check to not show the warning again. Do not check any of the "Advanced" settings at the bottom of CCleaner's cleaner screen. Just use the default setting and it is safe. I do registry cleans only once a month or less, usually after a major large Windows update day or after I install a new program or uninstall a program. When you run registry cleaner it will ask if you want to save the old registry and always answer yes. I save them all as the default to "My Documents" on my computer, not in One Drive. They are listed after all my folders using Windows File Explorer alphabetically and look like this in file view "cc_20160510_141607 5/10/2016 Registration entries 3kb"


If you get unexpected results from any registry clean you just go to documents and scroll down past the folders to the individual files and check the date to find the latest registry before the last registry clean. To restore it to before the last one, you just double click it and it asks if you want to restore it, you allow it and it takes just a second to cancel the last registry clean. IN my about ten years of using CCleaner I have never had to revert a Registry clean. I use only the default settings and never had an issue.


I do not bother with keeping cookies because they track too, and I prefer to just logon the few websites I use. It also has intelligent cookie which is explained in the screenshot above.


Let me know if any of that helps.

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...there is a check box to "Delete browsing history on exit." If that box is checked that is the problem.


OK, that's probably the problem because that box IS checked! I thought it only had to do with browsing history, not cookies. I'll uncheck it and see what happens. Thanks!


ON EDIT: Yes, that was the problem. I unchecked the box, closed this site, came back in and I was still logged in!

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I had a feeling it was. Great!


I'd still recommend using CCleaner free regularly. For new users it take a looooong time to do the first clean, then it takes only a few seconds to 30 seconds if done once a week for the cleaner function.

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When you do your first clean it will take forever! post back how many MBs it cleaned. Running it every day or three and it removes 100-300mbs of kludge safely. Do a registry clean for your baseline first, then run cleaner with all the default settings but only for the once monthly registry cleans do you check only one box in advanced, "Old prefetch data." then after cleaning uncheck it for the cleans in between windows updates or major installs/uninstalls.


I use the tools too. Startup makes enabling or disabling startuop items a breeze by just highlighting (clicking) the item, then clicking on enable if disabled and you want it enabled, disabled if it is enabled and you don't need it starting up and slowing boot speed, or delete if you are very sure it is a bad thing to have there. I do not ever delete any startup item. You can also uninstall programs from there, as well as check and manage browser plugins. I have not used the duplicate finder, nor needed to wipe my free drive space, which is a good thing before selling a system.


Under Options I have used the cookie manager screen, but now intelligent cookie manager helps with those. I save the passwords to my machine and all I have to do, for example here on the SKP forums is type the first letter of my Login name and it auto completes the rest without my having to remember what password goes with which. That makes a thorough cleaning no issue for me. But you can use the cookie manager to leave cookies behind after a cleaning. You have to clean and go to each website a couple of times until you see which cookies it leaves not the advertising ones. You'll see.


So every day or three I run cleaner.


Once a month after Windows updates I run registry cleaner first, and save the old one to the default location at the bottom of documents.


After running that once a month registry clean and saving the old one, I open cleaner and check only Old prefetch under advanced and clean it, then I uncheck Old prefetch. All the rest are the default settings.


Then every day or three I run cleaner until the next Windows updates or major install or uninstall, where I do the same thing as the monthly updates to remove the prefetch calls for programs no longer there, or upgraded to new versions.


It keeps the kludge from building up. BY no means should you do daily registry cleans, not needed at all. There are other registry cleaners that actually damage your systems. CCleaner used as I outlined does not. If you play around and change the defaults that is on you.


You'll like it.

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