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Dish Antenna

Bruce H

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I just bought the dish King tailgater & dish receiver. The RV dealer wanted $145.00 hr. Min. 6 hours for instulation.

I'm thinking, should I go portable ( tripod mount ) or mount it on the MH myself. How hard can this be. The instructions are pretty straight foward.

My question is, has anyone mounted this particular antenna on their MH? Are the instructions as easy as they say, or should I go portable. I also like the pay-as-you-go feature with dish.




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I looked at the Dish King Tailgator and see that it either portable or mounted. I suggest keeping it portable. If you mount it you are limiting yourself to parking your rig where you can get reception. I have an older Tailgator and love the portable simplicity. Trees, no problem I have a 50 cable to move where ever.

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I agree, keep it portable. 3 hrs would be more in line for the install hr charge on a roof mount. :mellow:

I agree, I have had a tailgater for a few years now and there have been many places i would not have had reception if it were mounted on the roof due to obstructions especially here in the Northeast. I keep 100' of cable on a cord reel so i can move the dish almost anywhere. wasn't such an issue out west.

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We have a Winegard Travel'r, on our Phaeton and for 10 years used a portable mount whenever in a wooded area. Last fall a fellow Rver at Elkhart Campground had a Winegard Pathway X1 with stand and cable for Dish Network for less than 1/2 price. He had used it briefly on a working camping assignment during football season. We bought and switch it between back and forth between our Phaeton and B+.

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I have a Tailgater but not the King. I use it portable and it works well for us.

If you mount it on your roof there could be a time when you don't have a good

view of the south and it will not work. If the RV park has cable that is what I use.

If the park has no cable then I use the Tailgater. It is easy to set up and use. Good Luck

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