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2000 Kenworth T2000 – For Sale


In early ’07 I started converting a commercial Heavy Duty truck to haul a 39' Teton. It was fun to work with and was a great hobby. The truck is now re-titled as a private motor home and was equipped to tow a max. combined weight +/- 42K# with both truck and trailer. I was looking for high MPG loaded and it came with a Detroit Diesel series 60 and Eaton Autoshift. When I bought it the engine had over a million miles and at 9xx,xxx it had a Series 3 Detroit dealer overhaul which should hold it for several thousand more. The truck now has a higher gear ratio (3.25 with 40” tires) with a single axle. Below are many of the new parts that I have purchased and accumulated to finish the project. The truck is estimated to be 21,000# hooked up and trailer gross is 17,000#, plus 4,000# “stuff”. The problem is that I have never finished assembling it and life has thrown me some curve balls and I need to sell it as a basket case. I have bags and bags of receipts that I’m sure total over $65,000, including the $24,000 I paid for it. It needs someone who needs to tow race cars, horse trailers, RV’s, or other NON-Commercial uses that has sweat-equity but not the cash to duplicate what I have gathered together. It will also need someone with good mechanical skills to pick up where I have left off.


Major New or Upgraded Parts:

Custom rear bed with five storage compartments to hold an APU, ramps to unload a smart car, tools, or whatever you might need. It is designed to carry a smart car crossways and be under 102”


Rigmaster 6KW APU to cool/heat the cab, provide 110v to the cab or RV, Horse Trailer, Race Car hauler, etc.

New, National leather seats, loaded with features. New, FASS fuel system for improved MPG and starting. New, 3.25 Eaton locking differential. New, brake drums all around, new brake blocks, new brake air chambers, new rear hub/bearing assemblies. New, Monroe gas shocks. New, A.C. condenser and dryer. New, custom dual exhaust with side outlets. New, AG 400 rear suspension with new air bags. New, front bumper with one new front fender, one reconditioned front fender both rebonded to the center hood. New, grille, show-chromed hood handle. New, windshield, new windshield wiper motor. New, 110v. air compressor to air up suspension when in a campground early in the morning. Replacement, used doors without the hinge cracks that T2000’s often get. New, LED lights for exterior, interior and front parking and turn signals. New clutch and ECU for Autoshift. New Delco alternator, new belts, new hoses, new SS plumbing tubes and many more small parts too numerous to mention here.


Please call Russ at (615) 330-6930 or email to: barnstormer36@gmail.com P.S. I’m looking to be in the mid $20’s. Contact me for specific photos.

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I bought my Smart from Russ, sight unseen based on his description. It was everything he described and more at a very fair price. When I was there, the KW also had an ET hitch on it.

The truck as described above does have a ways to go but is VERY well engineered and thought out with all work having been done to date, very high quality.

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Thanks for the referral. I just try to treat people like I like to be treated. And if you ever need to pull that smart on a trailer or a bed, I've got a custom hitch that fits the '08's - at least 10's or 11's. It carries a spare, has a 1 1/4" receiver hitch to carry bikes and great to plug in a bar and pull a smart up onto a bed.......hint, hint.


And FYI, I sold the ET to the guy who bought my Teton. He needed one and he's being patient while I get the Teton on its feet so he can have it towed to Utah and I owed him a favor.



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For anybody considering Russ' truck, let me point out something that Russ hasn't pointed out himself: he mentions that it's singled, but it's a rarity in that it was originally an eight-bag AG200 that is truly singled RIGHT. While the parts to both upgrade and single an AG200 to what's now known as an AG230 are "off the shelf" items today at any Kenworth dealership, that kit didn't exist when Russ was singling this truck. With help from Scrap, Russ identified and bought all of the parts that were required to upgrade the portion of the AG200 that would remain on his truck to AG400 specs, and to eliminate what wasn't needed in a way that he ended up with a properly functioning four-bag, single axle suspension, not just an AG400 with half of its parts missing -- what Kenworth released for production a few years later in the form of the AG230.



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