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  1. SOLD! Racing Junk did the trick. Over 3000 views, many emails and even calls. Vast majority couldn't get it to where they live. Finally found a buyer who lives about 30 miles from me so I can go see it when he finishes it.
  2. Steve, Thanks for the referral. I just try to treat people like I like to be treated. And if you ever need to pull that smart on a trailer or a bed, I've got a custom hitch that fits the '08's - at least 10's or 11's. It carries a spare, has a 1 1/4" receiver hitch to carry bikes and great to plug in a bar and pull a smart up onto a bed.......hint, hint. And FYI, I sold the ET to the guy who bought my Teton. He needed one and he's being patient while I get the Teton on its feet so he can have it towed to Utah and I owed him a favor. Russ
  3. 2000 Kenworth T2000 – For Sale In early ’07 I started converting a commercial Heavy Duty truck to haul a 39' Teton. It was fun to work with and was a great hobby. The truck is now re-titled as a private motor home and was equipped to tow a max. combined weight +/- 42K# with both truck and trailer. I was looking for high MPG loaded and it came with a Detroit Diesel series 60 and Eaton Autoshift. When I bought it the engine had over a million miles and at 9xx,xxx it had a Series 3 Detroit dealer overhaul which should hold it for several thousand more. The truck now has a higher gear ratio (3.25 with 40” tires) with a single axle. Below are many of the new parts that I have purchased and accumulated to finish the project. The truck is estimated to be 21,000# hooked up and trailer gross is 17,000#, plus 4,000# “stuff”. The problem is that I have never finished assembling it and life has thrown me some curve balls and I need to sell it as a basket case. I have bags and bags of receipts that I’m sure total over $65,000, including the $24,000 I paid for it. It needs someone who needs to tow race cars, horse trailers, RV’s, or other NON-Commercial uses that has sweat-equity but not the cash to duplicate what I have gathered together. It will also need someone with good mechanical skills to pick up where I have left off. Major New or Upgraded Parts: Custom rear bed with five storage compartments to hold an APU, ramps to unload a smart car, tools, or whatever you might need. It is designed to carry a smart car crossways and be under 102” Rigmaster 6KW APU to cool/heat the cab, provide 110v to the cab or RV, Horse Trailer, Race Car hauler, etc. New, National leather seats, loaded with features. New, FASS fuel system for improved MPG and starting. New, 3.25 Eaton locking differential. New, brake drums all around, new brake blocks, new brake air chambers, new rear hub/bearing assemblies. New, Monroe gas shocks. New, A.C. condenser and dryer. New, custom dual exhaust with side outlets. New, AG 400 rear suspension with new air bags. New, front bumper with one new front fender, one reconditioned front fender both rebonded to the center hood. New, grille, show-chromed hood handle. New, windshield, new windshield wiper motor. New, 110v. air compressor to air up suspension when in a campground early in the morning. Replacement, used doors without the hinge cracks that T2000’s often get. New, LED lights for exterior, interior and front parking and turn signals. New clutch and ECU for Autoshift. New Delco alternator, new belts, new hoses, new SS plumbing tubes and many more small parts too numerous to mention here. Please call Russ at (615) 330-6930 or email to: barnstormer36@gmail.com P.S. I’m looking to be in the mid $20’s. Contact me for specific photos.
  4. Neo/Russ

    Last ECR Update

    Hi to all attending. I was fortunate to attend two of these a few years ago when I thought we were going to be full-timers. But heath and life hit and we have had to abandon the idea. Just last week I sold my Teton, I sold my smart last fall and still have a basket case truck for sale (hint hint) to someone with more ambition than money, but that's a separate story and I can be contacted privately about that. However I have several new in box items that I am or have listed on eBay that may be of interest to some of you. I have attached a list here and asked Carl to post a paper there that repeats it if you weren't online while going to the show. If enough people want things I can drive over 125mi ea way, otherwise we can use other methods and ship them to you, or if you're headed W across I-40 I can meet you in Nashville. Thanks for reading, Russ Barnes Bissell Little Green Deep Cleaner, NEW In Box , asking $100 great for spills and clean-up in RV’s Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa Handheld Kit, NEW, asking $30, great for RV or homes that want the stronger feel of a great show Bodyguard CUSTOM TRUCK Bug Deflector and Hood Protector; SMOKE, T2000, NEW Cost $305, asking $200, nicest looking one ever made and protects more hood. Winegard Satellite Finder SF1000, Minor Use, $15 Wayfinder V2000 Digital Vehicle Compass, NEW in Box, $50 Quick Air 12v. Purifier and Ionizer, NEW in Box, $15 Innova Battery & Charging System Monitor #3721, NEW In Box, $25 Smart Car Parts (3) Denso Iridium spark plugs #IXUH22 (5353), NEW in Boxes, $40 for (3) Front Set, Dymax, Kevlar/Ceramic Brake pads, NEW in Box, $35 Custom Trailer hitch, Two Bike Rack, Swing down spare tire carrier….Together or in pieces, ask for photos and let’s talk price, not cheap Kill A Watt P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor, Opened, not used, NEW in Box, $20 Chrome 2” ball, New in Box - $15 XM Radio - New in Box - $180 - $90 XM GEX XM receiver - New in Box - $130 - $60 Smart solar 100 Solar Vent (car, RV, shed, boat) - New in Box - $55 - $20 Telesteps 1400T telescoping ladder, 250# cap, 28”-10 ½’ - cost new $215 - $155, maybe used 5-8 times PORTABLE NON-ELECTRIC WATER SOFTENER new, 23” x 9 ¼”, never used - New in Box, $199 - $145 Oreck XL, Walnut Style Air Purifier factory recond, new price $99 - $75 FloJet Macerator New, never wet, in case - $175, Model 18555-000 Road Trip Grill, Carry Case w/wheels, Cover and Second grille new, never used, #9941-768, total retail on Amazon $461 - $325 20ft, 2 Gauge 600 amp jumper cable set, New in Box - $25 Roto-Chok set , New, once were the best chocks available - $50 Smart Dryer - fold out clothes rack that mounts on ladder - New price $99 - $65 I am about 125 miles away. I have sold some other things to other HDT Escapees members that I can bring to them and could bring some of these items to the Rally if we can pick the best day that week (any day but Tuesday the 12th). But only if enough sells to make sense to spend on gas getting there. Look over, call or email and I can send a photo, or you can look up on the Internet. Russ Barnes (615) 330 - 6930 barnstormer36@gmail.com
  5. How far East are you heading? I'm near Nashville, TN and have a 14' telescoping ladder. I have used it maybe six to ten times, but always stored inside and like new. Looking for $125. Russ Barnes, 615-330-6930 barnstormer36@gmail.com
  6. 11,950 miles - LIKE NEW! - Reduced to $7495 Bought new in '08 and now it's for sale since I need the garage space. It has always been stored inside. It still smells like a new car inside. The oil and filter have been changed every year even when only driven a few hundred miles some years. Here is what the price tag was when it was new: Passion coupe. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .$13,590 Silver Tridlon... . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..175.00 Comfort package. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ... . .. . .. . .. . ..850.00 Destination charge. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..... . .. . .. . ..645.00 Cost New W/O tax, tags, extended warranty. . .. . .....................................................$15,620.00 What also makes this car more special is the following options have been added: (4) Michelin 185/60R15 (and two TPS sensors)......................$590.14 - Better ride and tracks straighter. . (2) New smart rear wheels, mounted on the front................. $610.00 This is a change for a better ride. (4) Powder Paint Rims . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ... . ...... ... .....$553.90 Matching white paint. 12v air horns............. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . ..$52.68 So others can hear you coming. Optima battery. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .$219.99 This is a much better battery. Scangauge.. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . ..$152.66 Gives the instant MPG, RPM & more. MDC Cruise control ... . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ...... . .. . .. . .. . .$529.98 This makes it easier to drive long trips. Matching white wheel nut covers .. . .. . .. . .. . ......... . . .. . ..$29.99 Bling-bling. Airtabs to keep rear window and rearend cleaner................ ..$27.75 Useful add. Armrest with storage............................................................$50.00 Handy for "stuff". Rocker panel and grille surround paint. . .. . .. . ............. . ....$375.00 Bling-bling. Total in add ons..................................................................$3192.09 plus installation costs This car is EXCELLENT, LIKE NEW, SMELLS NEW and includes the added features above. If you doubt the cost of the options than just search for the prices for some of the accessories. No it was never used for RV and while it can be, it doesn't have towing equipment. Email barnstormer36@gmail.com for photos. Russ Barnes
  7. While I like Jack's optimism, RIck is correct that the repairs are still needed. And while there are several capable do-it-yourselfers out there, one would have to consider a professional. Maybe the interior for a few DIY's, but the outside will take a large spray booth and lot's of sanding. Were I still doing these things I'd Line X the front to resist tree limbs, bird and bug impacts and it would be forever, but the sides will need a painters skill. And for the record, after finding the leaks I did take steps to stop further decay, but that doesn't mean the source has been resolved, again due to the depth of repair required, once it is started. I do have to criticize the Teton team for the clearcoat issues since my '04 Ford that I bought new and it has sat outside in the same sun and weather for even longer has no UV, sun or weather damage. I suspect a poor application since most is on the LH side. And the two leaks seem to be from 1) a plugged drain in the rear window as I did a lot of spaying from the rear AC down to see if I could find it. And 2) the leak by the slide was clearly a poor joint at the top corner of the slide opening vs. the roof which since I couldn't move it to a shop for repair I have covered with plastic sheet and tape which has kept it from getting worse for a couple years since I found it. Sadly neither of these showed until the water had lifted the vinyl on the wallboard and by then the damage was done. Of course the tires speak for themselves as that is a matter of sitting one place for 9 years and not being exercised. I would not move it to the closest RV park without changing those. Thanks for the comments, but I need to be honest with anyone who reads this. Russ
  8. Maybe I can't send direct, so sending it this way: I sent it about 2:15 our time, but something about the posting didn't seem right. I was using my phone, not this laptop. This should work better: Fed Ex (Wheels) - $43.59 ea with $300 insurance on each - $100 insurance would drop it a little (maybe $3 a wheel). Box of small parts - $18.99 with $100 insurance, which should cover it. UPS (Wheels)​ - $47.55 ea with $100 insurance on each, $50.25 each with $300 Box of small parts - $22.19 with $100 insurance Let me know what you think of that. I know that individual part freight from a private shipper sucks and the cheapest way to ship is to put all on a pallet and send by truck lines which would take longer than the four days quoted by Fed Ex. I might be able to get that done if you aren't in a hurry?
  9. SOLD! - 2006 Teton 39’ Frontier Royal Vehicle ID; 416768 – Champagne Beige w/ Zephyr and Cherry Interior Specially ordered and original owner spent time at Teton during construction. Family health changes resulted in a sale after only about an estimated 6,500 highway miles. List at that time was $243,759. There are many options too numerous to mention, but here are a few of the majors: Mechanical and Electric Highlights Timbren “Dakota” air ride suspension with triple, disc brake axles and axle dump 4 – 100w solar panels from AM Solar 4 – Lifeline Group 8 AGM (1,000 amp) batteries MPPT500 solar battery regulator by BZ Products 2,800w Magnum Energy pure sine wave inverter/charger Xantrex battery and EMS 120v monitoring systems “Big Foot” hydraulic leveling Motosat MD500 automatic internet dish with Dish or DirectTV capabilities Skid roller on rear and a 5,000# hitch with rear facing back-up or toad monitor camera Twin Temp #2, propane heating and hot water system Interior Highlights Maple interior upgrade with cherry stain. Center Kitchen island with fold up added countertop. 2 – Fantastic Fans and 2 – Duo Therm AC units, kitchen has added heat pump feature Whirlpool, G.E. clothes dryer, Dirt Devil built-in vacuum w/ hose and attachments G.E. Artica PSH23PSRSV, 120v., side by side, 23 cu ft. refrigerator Fisher-Paykel DS603-SS dish washer drawer below range top Amana SS convection microwave and optional Teton 120v. kitchen florescent light fixture Sharp Aquos 45” LCD TV model LC-45GD5U and Sony DVP-NS70H DVD player with HMDI upgrade JVC Home Theater system for TV viewing More Options Basement Joey bed instead of Teton. Arctic package. Upgraded 5gpm water with accumulator. 3 – Colorado Carefree awnings and toppers. Original factory list with options selected and cost included. A Few Specs Pin weight as used – 5,500#, Empty weight – 16,000#+, Loaded weight – 23,000# Since being sold there are more options (approximately $3,750) added as follows: BlueDot air over hydraulic brakes Washer/Dryer cabinet was lined and trimmed with 18ga. SS (in case of leakage) LED factory taillights as used on newer Teton models and LED side lights MaxAir fan covers that allow the roof vents to stay open and not let rain enter Fold-up bracket with gas shocks for 32’ Sharp TV in bedroom Pressure regulator and plumbing for incoming water control SS lined storage box for heat unit and storage of spare parts LED scare lights (bus back-up units) Hidden, built in safe in basement and added security wall HOWEVER, it hasn’t moved in the 7 years I have owned it and now due to our life changes we must sell it and here are items that need completion or repair: New tires, these are now 9 years old and haven’t moved in all that time *****(see below)**** Clearcoat repair (major undertaking) and this will take sanding and respraying clear coat) 2 – Interior leaks. One by entry door and one on the rear wall. The one by the door will need experienced work to repair and replace that wall panel. The original 2 – recliner chairs inside have been removed to use in our house, it now needs two interior chairs Completion tasks (none are serious jobs): Airbrake/suspension plumbing. All parts are installed, but final hoses need to be connected. There now is a BigFoot remote control and new controller. It needs to have sensor mounted and wired inside. Minor wiring after removing the electric/hydraulic brake system Asking price: $40,000 - WHICH WILL INCLUDE 6 NEW HD TIRES MOUNTED BEFORE BEING DRIVEN AWAY. At least a $2,600+ savings. Location: 45 mile SE of Nashville Contact: Russ Barnes Phone: 615-330-6930 Email: barnstormer36@gmail.com Message me for photos!
  10. Price REDUCTION to $325 each for 1-3 and $300 each for all seven!
  11. What zip code are you so I can check shipping and see what I can do? I'm willing to work with you if not unreasonable. I will be gone from 6/1-6/4, so response may be slow. Thanks, Russ
  12. Trey, I couldn't have said it better, Thanks On my 39' triple axle that weighs 18,xxx empty those would have been fine since 5,000 comes off on the pin and DW would have still had 7,xxx for "stuff".
  13. I have seven brand new Alcoa 17.5" x 6.75", HD, Forged, 8 bolt, 9/16" polished rims. New in boxes and never had tires mounted on them. I opened one to snap the photos. These are for heavy trailers who need the best. Part number 665401 and most sell for $370-$390 each (with nuts and caps) plus freight. They weigh about 30# each and are rated to carry about 3,500# each. I am selling them for $355 each or if you buy all seven at once then I will sell them at $2,400($342 each for the seven and an additional box with the caps, nuts and covers) and you pay freight, or pick up. I am located in the Murfreesboro, TN area if you want to pick them up, or calculate freight costs. Call Russ at 615-330-6930 I will give it a week before listing on eBay so my RV friends get the first chance.
  14. Dave, If you haven't bought one yet I have an '08 Passion loaded with options and about $18,000+ invested (without taxes and tags) and that includes about $3,500 in added options. It has 11,800 miles on it and has been indoors since I bought it. Open the door and the leather still smells new. Not giving it away and currently asking $9,500. barnstormer36 at g mail dot com. And yes I have it advertised here, but looing to help answer this thread.
  15. Too bad you're so far away. I'd sell you the whole rear package - singled 404, new AG400 suspension, new 3.25 locker rear, new brake drums, new brake blocks, new air chambers, new hubs, new axle on locker side, new air bags and more. But honestly even then it wouldn't be a drop in. There are new frame holes to drill, driveshaft to shorten, and some clearance spots to work out that would take some hands on. And you ask what would it cost, well in that listing there is over $4,800 invested just in parts, plus a long drive from Oregon to TN and back. But if any of you need some new T2 parts at a discounted price depending on what and how many parts, drop me a line at barnstormer36 at g mail dot com.
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