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VNL cab framework


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Does anybody have pictures of the inside rear bulkhead of a VNL-770 with the interior upholstery removed?


Before we tear into the bulkhead and interior to install the flanges for the "walk through" between the cab and the MH box it would be nice to see what surprises we are in for. The header of the flange is just below the upper bunk support but by the patterns of spot welds there are both horizontal and vertical doublers in the area. The only wires we are aware of are the one white courtesy light which we will repurpose the wiring for a light on each side above the fuel fillers and an LED strip each side under the body so you can see where you are stepping and maybe avoid fuel or grease on the ground while refueling.

There are also cables for the table release mechanism which will be going away with this mod.



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