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OT: Problem with Dometic AC


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I have two Dometic 630516.331 ac's in my trailer, the one in the living area with heat pump, the bedroom without. The thermostat is the Comfort Control Center (3109228.001). The living room AC (front) is blowing cool air but the fan will not shut off when on "auto". Bedroom working fine, fan cuts off on auto. Research on line says the relay board on the unit itself may be stuck open/closed? What and how can I check and any other possibilities or suggestions? Also can I just put the fan on "low or high" and continue to run since compressor appears to be working?

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If this unit has 5 buttons on the right side then turn the unit off. Push and hold both mode and zone buttons down and hold in place. Then turn the switch on. It should show FF. If it does then you have done as a system reset.

If there is a EE then there is an electrical error.

You can run with the unit on low or high fan. The unit should perform best on high fan as that gives most air move ment.

As for the fan not cycling on and off on temperature there several things need checked at your unit while you are using it.

Temperature, humidity and how far temperature drop you are trying to achieve.


Hopefully this will give some help on your problem, Vern

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If the fan relay is sticking, what mode the thermostat is in really won't matter. But you're not likely doing any harm at all by continuing to run that way. I've had a sticking relay on both of my air conditioners for several years--the back one's compressor would stick on when the blower shut off (which didn't sound good at all--the compressor was under heavy load, but fine once the water was drained out of the control box). The one on the front air conditioner's blower will occasionally not come on (same sound). A closed fist to the ceiling has fixed it every time, and both problems tend to occur in high humidity. I'm just biding my time until I replace it all with something better.


You could check to see whether power is still being applied to the relay coils to narrow it down to either the relay or the thermostat. Stop by on your way south from Cincinnati and we should be able to figure it out.

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