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hood on Smartcar came off towing


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On my 2013 my hood sorta just lays on car. Goes on "latch" ( bad description) and just lays on car. While towing to Escapees it blew off. Straps keep it from getting lost. side wind done it. This ever happen to anyone else. I bungy corded it. No damage.

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It doesn't just "lay there". The rear corners slide slide into a groove on each side and the front is held down with the latches. If yours is just "laying there" you are missing the rear slots.

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Yes, Glenn. Look at the top of each side and you will see where the tabs fit into and under each corner of the window. You do have to make sure that the latch towards the lower middle area is closed. I even got to where I could simply grab both top corners and bow it together and slip it back into those top spots. I could do it from the ground, but I'm 6'2".

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Not had any issues with the hood cover on our 2011. The latches in the mesh grill are real tight.


I do remember Jim Hiicks had that issue I think a few years ago.


Maybe someone forced them open or didn't get them closed right at one time and the latches fail.

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