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Slides creeping out?


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We have a 13 year old triple slide fifth wheel and the two main slides were ajar when we went to get it out of storage where we had parked it for 3 weeks with the slides in. We took a week trip to check everything out before we leave for the summer and I just pulled the slides back in but the two main slides are creeping out at the bottom about 2 inches when driving down the road.


The bedroom slide doesn't seem to be affected? This winter the bedroom slide was taken out to repair damage from a water leak. Could that affect the system? If so why would that slide not creep out also?


Has anyone had slide issues? If so what was your resolutions?


Thank you.



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JM i have same prob hydraulic system, found out its one of the valves, which one an which way to turn, is more of a prob. most time one of the following

low pressure, high pressure or low on fluid.

now if it's elec good luck.

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Thank you all for your suggestions.


It is a hydraulic system and we will be taking it back to the place that did the bedroom slide repair on Monday but I wanted to know if there could be more than just an "adjustment" needed.


Is there more than one valve per slide?



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I don't know how our slide system compares to yours, but we have a HWH single hydraulic slide in our 99 Rexhall. We had a similar problem a couple of months back and Nolan RV of Casa Grande AZ sent their mobile repair tech to look at it. He immediately diagnosed a solenoid valve on the way out. He explained that it is the IN valve that is bad if the slide drifts OUT. Kind of backwards but that's they way it works. The solenoid is a cylindrical device with an electrical socket and a "T" bar device on the out end, It screws into the block that controls the slides. He showed me how to release the hydraulic pressure using the T handle then unscrew the whole solenoid from the valve block. We were lucky as our system has only 2 solenoids. He replaced it in abut 15 minutes and charged only $45 for a call out charge, 1/2 an hours labor and the price of the solenoid. I though that was a bargain!

We haven't had any further problems and he warned me that once one fails we should expect the other to go out in the not too distant future. Now I know how to do it myself, we bought a spare for when we need it.

He also explained that some more modern rigs might have up to 9(!) solenoids.

Hope this gives you something to help.


2009 Monaco Cayman DP 38'


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Follow UP: We took the fiver back to the shop and they worked on it for a couple of days. The bedroom and living room slides are fine but the kitchen slide still went out a little. They filled the pump with almost a qt of fluid and I asked if there was a leak the tech said after 13 years you can expect some evaporation. The economical solution for us was slide out locks. We bought 2 for less than $100. We have moved a couple of times and feel the low fluid level may of had something to do with it and possibly air in the lines which may have worked out after using them a few times. I only use the lock on one slide now. If you choose this solution for slide out creep be sure to ALWAYS remove the locks before attempting to put out the slide or else you will damage your slide motor. A friend had built in slide out locks on his fifth wheel and forgot to unlock them before putting out his slide and damage his slide motor.


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I had my solinoids replaced u dear warranty. It still drifted. They sent me a new cylinder to install. As I was loosening up the hose to the cylinder, a large amount of art escaped. I just tightened it back up. Problem solved. The system is supposed to be self purging. It is for the jacks, but the slide cylinders are on the side and the port is on the side so almost impossible to remove all the ar from the slide cylinders. Also they don't fully extend or retract so there will be trapped air unless you unbolt the cylinder and hold one end lower than the other and fully retract and extend it a few times.

Ron C.

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Velos, The low oil level allowed air into the closed system. The only solution is keep working the cylinders until all air is pushed out by oil, maintain oil level at full mark as needed-with jacks and slides retracted. Continue to hold sllde button until you hear the oil pump begin to strain/change sound at the pressure encountered.


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I have a Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA and the main slide jerks when extending or retracting (HWH hydraulic slide out) this happens about midway when I operate the slide.  The other side, full room slide out extends and retracts equally and smoothly.  Does anyone know what could cause this?

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