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Morning everyone, I will be ordering tires for our truck and was wondering what some of you think wound be a good one. I will be replacing all steer and drive tires.

Thanks Chip.


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It is going to be pretty much a personal preference on brand....you will get lots of options.


But on type, I'd personally put closed shoulder (non lug) types on the rear. But the downside of that is not as good performance offroad or in snow. For me, the tradeoff is worth it.


HERE is a good little article on "terminology" that may be helpful before talking to "tire guys". It is old, but still relevant.

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I believe in not being cheap when it comes to tires. With that said we only run 10-12 thousand miles a year so will not wear out any tire that I put on before I age it out. Based on several local recommendations I put Hercules 803 on the drives and 903 on the steer. The drive are an open lug as we go off pavement quite a bit. We have been happy with them. They were just shy of $4000 mounted and out the door for 10.

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I also went with Hercules. In my case, I put the same "all position" tires on both front and rear. I was amazed with the trade in value of my very old Firestones that had lots of tread and not much sidewall checking. They were significantly less expensive than USA made name brands but still had a good reputation.



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One thing most of you probably do not have to deal with, unless you go off road. I put new steers on my grain semi...and they installed a "wide groove" tread design. The grooves are about 1/2"+ wide. They pick up every little rock they roll over on gravel. Then they fly out and hit the fenders/cab floor, etc-leaving the elevator is like running thru upside down hail!. Even then I have to go pick them out of the tread with a screwdriver--can take an 1/2 hour per tire.


Pick a good brand for your steers...Yokohama, Firestone, Etc. The rears...Any reasonable quality tire will probably age out in our service.

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I have chatted with some of the mine and gravel haulers in Az and they say the Iron man tires by Hercules are the tire of choice for enduring the rough mine roads and then hitting the freeways a 80 mph on +100 f days......makes you want to give these trucks a wide berth....


Seems the cheep tires are not very flashy bit pretty tough.....


Drive on......(Tough tires are.....good)

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