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FL Cabover 500hp autoshift single axle


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I owned a 48' Canepa trailer and KW with his aero kit for many years. Gorgeous state of the art piece. I wouldn't want to live in anything without slides these days. Just to "tight" for me.




Hey the devil-is-in-the-details.........the slide is.......UP to the roof...... where you just swing up the hand rails and unfold the geezer chase chairs and then hit the button for the pop-up-servie-bar for your adult beverages.........of course as you become a more-advanced-geezer you might not be able to run up the ladder but not to worry.....simply just stand on the car elevator and ride it up to the roof deck.......


Now as you become a bit-more-advanced-geezer you might want to consider a engine-starter-lockout connected to the roof hand rails so you do not forget to forget to fold down the railings before heading down road (saw this happen one year at the Paris Airshow).....


Drive on.........(Enjoy the view from the......Top)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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