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N14 Engine Calibration

Mark and Dale Bruss

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The Resource Guide received this email which is way above the skill level of the webmaster, But there are several experts on the forum. If one of those experts can help Dave Crump, please help.


"I am currently building a glider kit with an N 14, and want to use an automated transmission. The people at both Cummins and Eaton-Fuller cannot provide me with the proper engine calibration code for the N 14 when using an autoshift, but suggested that if I could find an N 14 engine number (serial #) that originally came equipped with an autoshift, they can obtain the calibration code by searching the engine number. Could you provide the engine number (eight digits, no letters, probably beginning with 1)to help me obtain this info? Thank you, Dave Crump Crump's Diesel, 1100 New Louden Rd, Cohoes, N.Y, 12047. Cummins Dealer # 20813. Phone 518 785 0770.


Dave Crump, Crump's Diesel (crumpsusanna@msn.com)

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IIRC - "Kustom Truck" in Coos Bay Oregon did the swap from manual to Ultra Shifts for "OldPhoneman" and another of the forum members (Dennis - ?)


For sure both their Volvos were 610s, but not sure of which engine they had..


I think both have since sold their trucks - but "Oldphoneman" did make an appearance not too long ago on this forum.


Maybe "Oldphoneman" could chime in to verify the name of the folks that did the conversion - as it seemed at the time

(before gliders) Kustom Truck(?) was into lots of special/unusual applications..


Also, I see on Kustom Truck's site - - they are doing Gliders (among other things) now.


Might be another source to contact and ask.




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Here is the name plate data from our 2001 T2000.


Previous owner turned it up to 460HP Per the most recent ECM data. 3 pedal Gen II Autoshift and works like a charm.


Good luck..


Cummins N14 3084063

ESN. 12013811


CPL 2591

RPM 1800

ADVERT HP 370/430 (Actual 460 HP /1550 LBFT)

Peak Torque 1450 / 1550

Fuel 206

Holset HT60 serial number 00617438

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