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  1. Radman

    Seats ?

    And add me to the list too. Please PM with price and location Thanks, Rad
  2. Terreneuve, Please send PM with email and I will send a word doc on the initial build. I have done a lot since then too. I will share as much as you care to ask..? Rad
  3. CMC5, First i would say - I agree with everything said above based on my experiences. I don't often post on this forum but I always monitor the activity - there are lots of smart - experienced folks here to say the least. We have a KW T2000 based hauler that we use to as Race Central or as we like to call it - the Mobile Moto Command Center. I built it in 2007 with a fellow off road racer (Jason Hawk) whom has made a business out of building a few very special rigs each year for the last 12 years. The company is Hawk Engineering in Jacksonville MO. They are located about an hour south of St. Louis on I-55. I can send you plans and pics and share all types of information and lessons learned if you want to learn more about our experiences over the last 10 years of living/racing with the Rig vs many friends with RVs. Feel free to PM or ask out right. I'm happy to share ideas and learn more too as I prepare to build a second coach in near future. I think your on the right track... Rad
  4. I can't add a lot to what's been said above... I will add that we share similar taste and I am really looking forward to following your build-out. Good luck and post often. Jim
  5. I seem to be a bit late to the party but it looks like a good party. My Toy Hauler is full of vintage dirt bikes (60-80s) most days but for more conventional riding we have a 650BMW and a CRF450X to blast around Colorado, Utah, Arkansas and even southern Missouri several times a year. I would be considered one of the dirty ones and gave up the roads due to distracted drivers many years ago. But not before logging several thousands of miles on various sport bike and sport tourers before returning to my roots. I look forward to seeing what comes up as far as a rally - looks promising so far.
  6. Radman

    New Purchase

    Mine is also registered as an RV but looks like a box truck (MH / Toy Hauler with garage in back for dirt bikes). I was pulled over twice in the first year for passing the scales and not again since. Fortunately for me never ticketed - I think the cops seemed a bit embarrassed for making the stop after they saw what was going on. The one guy was a rookie ADOT guy in Alabama, demanded my log book and got upset when I told him I don't keep a log book - its an RV... I finally had to show him the RV designation on the Missouri Tags and the VIN Plate on the door jamb before he would believe me. Then he ran my Tags and Drivers License and when they came up clean - he let us go.
  7. Radman

    New Purchase

    I read a TSB about the KW T2000 doors from 2000. If I remember correctly they were doing a "not mandatory" recall to fix loud doors in cross winds. Not surprisingly when I contacted the local KW dealer he know nothing about it and there was no documentation on file so nothing was done. I replaced all the seals and readjusted the doors and it provided some relief. The drivers door top window frame on my rig is warped slightly outward in the center. With new seals it makes no wind noise now until we get serious cross winds - like going across KS? The down-wind side pulls out from the seal and it howls. I have considered some aerodynamic aids to minimize the low pressure area like a vertical elements to minimize wind flowing horizontally under the visor to around the corner of the windshield and across the top of the door window frame? I would consider getting a second fuel filter if not already installed and some good cleaning of the final strainer at the cutoff would be a good idea too. As a note to all the T2000 owners I have a set of factory service manuals (2002) it they would be of assistance I can PDF specific pages for your consumption upon request.
  8. Radman

    New Purchase

    Dirt runner, Congradts on the new rig. I have a 2001 T200 / N14 autoshift and lots of experiences to share with you reguarding your up comming build... More to follow and welcome. Rad
  9. Chad, I think I have some data on the system and will share it with you when I am back in town next week. I completely removed my system as Scrap described for a thorough cleaning and service. It was simple and done without surprises. One thing I recal was you should have the selector in a specific setting (full defrost ?) before dropping the assembly from the firewall. That is the piece I can't remember... More to follow,
  10. Radman


    But who knew ? Apparently everyone but me... Oh well, Rad
  11. Radman


    Glenn, Re the cruse control...when you do the brake pedal / toe lift test, do the clutch pedal too. It has a similar cut out switch as the brake pedal...I learned during a recent adjustment. Jim and Laura
  12. Chad, looks great - we are envious indeed... Enjoy,
  13. Here is the name plate data from our 2001 T2000. Previous owner turned it up to 460HP Per the most recent ECM data. 3 pedal Gen II Autoshift and works like a charm. Good luck.. Cummins N14 3084063 ESN. 12013811 ECS PCM CPL 2591 RPM 1800 ADVERT HP 370/430 (Actual 460 HP /1550 LBFT) Peak Torque 1450 / 1550 Fuel 206 Holset HT60 serial number 00617438
  14. Radman

    Damon Outlaw

    Janice, We have a great deal of experience in this area and it's all good. If you would like a flood of stories, opinions and lessons learned, we would be happy to share them with you. We started out with a Class A about 20 years ago as a project / experiment to see if we liked RVing mixed in with our motorcycles. I modified that 1991 Chieftain to be the only class A toy hauler with a 10ft garage that we knew of at the time. We logged many great weekends and great weeks in that truck. Since then we built the truck you see in the avatar. A 2001 KW custom (designed by my wife and I and built for/by us) with a 8ft garage. It's a great way to travel in support of a moto/jeep habit. Lots of stories and lessons learned....please feel free to PM and perhaps we can make arrangement to discuss. We also have some Damon specific stories too. Jim and Laura
  15. ..."Now I enjoy Kevin Cameron in the motorcycle world"... I couldn't agree more, Cameron has been a great read for sometime now. Rad
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