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Looking at a 1969 MC7 - Is there a 'checklist'?


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I am new to the 'forum. If my membership in my most recent corvette forum is any indication, I will be here for a VERY long time (long-time owner).


You are getting me PRE-RV. My buddy 'Pete' just bought a 1989 MCI coach (pre-conversion) with the 8v92 and Allison auto.


I am going to look at a 1969 MC7. I am assuming with the 8v71. Owner says it has manual trans (her husband knew the details). It is in an RV park in FL. Good price and already converted.


Question: What is the appropriate checklist to use when considering purchase? The price is 'under $20,000'.


Much appreciated!

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Check for rust. If it was a northern bus you will find rust. Service history: engine rebuild, clutch adjustment left, wheel bearings replaced, brake lining thickness. has the bus been greased recently. Fuel tank size. Check fan drive blower gear drive for oil leakage. Take the bus for a ride. Watch for short air compressor cycle time, indicative on an air leak. DOT brake check. Apply and hold applied watching air pressure. Should pretty much hold steady.


Conversion aspect and appliances are easy to check.


Good luck,


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Be very wary of emissions when it comes to these old motors. It's my understanding that some states are very strict. We had a conversion with a 6v92tta. Had 1.5 million miles on it and was still going strong when we sold it. They are a fun engine but don't tolerate lazy drivers!!

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The two-cycle Detroits are noted for being messy engines. One joke about them is that the number in the engine designation is drops of oil per minute leaked. Not really true, but you will have to add oil frequently, and your towed will sport a grey/black face.

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Yes they can be messy engines but not if driven like you hate them!! Another 'fun' fact is that they can run backwards! No not as reversing up the road but in certain situations the engines can fire up and run backwards. If that happens it's "run for the hills" time. But they are fun to drive. :wacko:

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Lots of fear factor here. I will check to see if I can find the check list for MCI. We have a Silver Eagle model 01 1967, The Detroit motors can leak but there are bolts that tighten the gaskets and they mostly stop leaking. Our 8v71n runs about 6.5mpg. and about a gallon of oil in 1500 / 2000 miles. close to normal. be very careful on the conversion as you can and probably will get more money in the conversion than you can buy a converted bus for. I kbnow of a couple eagles for sale done for about 30,000. they are nice and one has a big cummins.


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