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  1. Kirk, it has been some time since we saw each other. We were just winding down to retirement in Wichita and you had just had a volunteer job not work out. We saw that you 2 were at a friends place not far from our rv park. We traded visits and lunch as I recall. I have just sent your Bass Lake info to a friend and they might want to know more. Chuck and Mavis from near Bennington, Kansas north of Salina. LeRoy Willis lrwillis45@gmail.com
  2. The South Forty on Orange Grove in NW Tucson is in a great location. we spent 4 winters in the same area. The big box stores, shopping , eating places and one really great Sonoran hot dog place.
  3. As has been said about #1 and #2 fuels. I add Howells fuel treatment in Oct. and continue till April. This will keep us running fine till warm weather returns. We have been caught and had the genset gel up due to not getting enough fuel ran through it when i serviced it in the fall. That was one co;d trip to Tucson from the Wichita area as we are total electric.
  4. We also have been with Miss Terri at mydakotaaddress.com since June of 2010. can not be beat. LeRoy
  5. Lake George, Travel Port RV. or Fairplay.
  6. Lots of fear factor here. I will check to see if I can find the check list for MCI. We have a Silver Eagle model 01 1967, The Detroit motors can leak but there are bolts that tighten the gaskets and they mostly stop leaking. Our 8v71n runs about 6.5mpg. and about a gallon of oil in 1500 / 2000 miles. close to normal. be very careful on the conversion as you can and probably will get more money in the conversion than you can buy a converted bus for. I kbnow of a couple eagles for sale done for about 30,000. they are nice and one has a big cummins. http://www.busforsaleguide.com/mci.htm
  7. Even some U-haul trucks have the height of that truck on the front of the box side printed in reverse so the driver can read it every time they look in the rear view mirror. how hard would it be to jut have the info on the truck in plain sight this truck is 13'6' tall?
  8. Is it possible to bring this car into the USA and leave it or is it not legal here to be registered/
  9. Winter would be wonderful cool nights warm days. We winter in tucson and CG is between Tucson and PHX. just north if I-8 and I-10 split.
  10. Look at Always RV in Mesa we were there a week ago monday and they have several. Mater of fact along Main there in MEsa is surely somethin you would like.
  11. Hey Paul you and Becky need this one.
  12. You will need to change your service address make sure they do not change your billing address just the service address
  13. small step stool to put your foot on. seems to help my wife shave.
  14. we are domiciled in SD in Madison. It was mentioned that health insurance could be more costly. I will say my wife and I both have a Medicare Advantage plan with Humana. Humana Choice plan that we each pay $47 a month and that includes our prescriptions via mail. They also have a way to help on over the counter drugs. Sounded good to us.
  15. Near or in Sierra Vista in the SE corner. High temp normally run about 95 cool nights.no big hills to climb or descend to get there. Huachica City has a neat little park called Mountain View.
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