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Registering as a motorhome


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Morning everyone, I know I have not posted much, we are still just under 6 months to F/T, but we just got a letter

from our DMV about our KW. I will start with we registered it last Nov. as a motorhome and it is time to renew the plates. Well we get a letter that it was registered wrong. They say that it is not a motorhome but a truck tractor

with a hitch that pulls a 5th wheel. They want me to bring in my title in so they can correct the plate on it. They also

want the title for my 5er so they can plate it correctly also. I plan on going down there Monday after work to try and straighten this mess out. If anyone can give me any advice on this topic that would be great. A little history, when we plated the truck last Nov. the clerk ashed if we had cooking, A/C power, sleeping, toilet, and I said yes, and it was already registered as a motorhome in Alabama and the 5er has been registered for over 2 years. They put a hold on

our records until this can be resolved. Needless to say, I am a little concerned being so close to F/T. Sorry for being so long winded, thought I'd get your input on this matter. Oh and we are in Colorado.


Thanks for any help Chip & Ruth.


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From the Resource Guide, it appears that Colorado is one of those states where it is hit or miss on what clerk/office you go to.


So one thing is to go to a different DMV office.


If you are 6-months out from F/T, were you planning on keeping Colorado as your residence state or were you planning to go to different state? If a different state, perhaps the time to change residence for registration purposes now.

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Hi Chip and Ruth,


I have been to Adams county a couple of times to discuss registering a Tractor as private vehicle or motorhome. I have gotten a different story each time I have been there. The last time I took a VIN # to see what the plates would cost me and they could not tell me without seeing the actual title and/or truck. They did give me a copy of a couple of pages from the State DMV manual. They said I could not get that information on line unless I paid for it. I don't have a truck yet, but was considering one and wanted to know exactly what I was looking at. I was told once that I could not register it as a Private Truck. I think it could be registeres as a Recreational Truck, but I was told than that the only thing I could do with it was recreational, no getting groceries, etc.


From the Colorado Title and Registration Manual:


Modifying a Complete Vehicle to a Moror Home

To qualify as a motor home the vehicle must contain permanently installed independent life support systems. It must provide at least four of the following facilities:



Refrigeration or ice box

Self-contained toilet

Heating and/or airconditioning

Potable water supply system including a faucet and sink

Seperate 110-125 volt electrical power supply and/or LP gas supply

When a complet vehicle wuch as a var or school bus, is modified or altered and does not incorporate four of the above additions ti would retain the original body style and does not qualify as a motorhome.


A DR 2444 Statement of Fact must be complete by the applicant listing the modifications completed on vehicle

A certified weight slip is required

A DR 2698 Verification of Vehicle Identification Number is required


During modification, if there has been and obstruction or mutilation of the vehicle identifiacation number (VIN) or if the vehicle has been rebuilt using major parts from different vehicles, a Colorado assigned vehicle identification number must be issued. (See Assigned VINs)


It then goes on about Van Conversions and Bus conversion. If you want me to post more of this verbage, let me know. It might be more than a week before I can get to it though.


Hope this helps a little bit.


Where in Colorado are you located? Would you be willing to take me and my Reflection 5th wheel (14k Max) for a test drive?


Please keep us unformed of your progress on this.




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Hello George, thanks for all the info. My wife and I have been on the web all morning trying to find the requirements to register it as a MH no luck.

We live in Broomfield and we go to Broomfield county and it's all new to them. I think we may be the first to do this in our county sorry to say.

You can PM me and test drive may be possible weather permitting and after we get this cleared up we go full time May 20, next year.


Thanks Chip




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I'm over on the western slope and although we haven't bought a truck yet, that's my winter project, I did send an email to the Dept of Revenue, motor vehicle division, asking how I should proceed with registration since an HDT does not fit into any of our registration categories. I received a quick but short reply, stating that the vehicle use takes precedent over its weight class. The letter states that I can license it as a "light truck", which is what Colorado calls your everyday pickup. I then went to our county office and asked the gal behind the counter the exact same question without telling her I already got the answer from the state office over in Denver and she told me the same thing. She said how it is used is what determines the registration classification, not the size or weight. I know light truck isn't the same plates as motor home plates but that is the route I'm going with. If you think it would help you I can try to foreward the email to you through PM. I would think that since I could register as a light truck, since it will basically replace my pickup and that is how it will be used, you should at least be able to register as a rec truck since that is how it will be used. hope that helps. Cory

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We have our HDT registered as a recreational vehicle in Colorado. This allows personal use and does not require a CDL. This requires weighing the truck and declaring it as personal use. Personal use means it cannot be used for business. I have hauled my own hay and my own backhoe for personal use. We travel with the 5er most of the time. The registration fee is very close to MH fees and does not require modifications. We were given a lot of advice from the Colorado State Patrol and licensing bureaus but most of it was not accurate when we did this 10 years ago. It may be better now but be careful. When we licensed the first truck we had the Orchard Mesa location help us. The supervisor worked with the state people to figure it out. When we changed trucks a year or so later they helped us again. In Colorado it is easy to register as a recreational truck. We stop at the CO ports of entry when hauling other than the 5er and as long as it is personal use only and our personal property we have never had a problem.

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The one thing to keep in mind is that when traveling through North America and passing many POE's, scales and international borders it is always better to have your registration say "Motor Home" or "Recreational Vehicle" or something of that nature if you are using it strictly for RV purposes. Also, will make it easier for a buyer if your selling the truck to get it registered the same way if your province or state allows it.

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Hey Guys, first I 'd like to thank everyone for all your help with my registering problem. Well after talking to the DMV they finally realized

that we had everything that was needed and got our new sticker for our plate. I am a very happy camper now less then 24 weeks to F/T.




Thanks Chip & Ruth

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