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Are You Bored? Looking for some HDT related amusement ?


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This link gave me a little over 5 minutes of entertainment. I did not pick up any infectious material while there so I believe the link is safe.


Here is another interesting one from 1927. It would come in handy when backing up a HDT with a trailer. I think the mod would actually be possible to implement on the Volvo but I'm not going to try it :).

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On the first, that modular design is brilliant. I would LOVE to see the engineering on the wheel assemblies. Also, is it electric or hydraulic drive? (what happens if one wheel breaks in the middle... :blink: )


2nd one..Has to be something to make the car start "turning"--this is a RWD vehicle. They must brake one rear wheel and force the other to begin moving the car. But it can't be total braking, cause the one wheel has to move backward.... Or some way to direct the driveshaft torque to just one of the rear wheels?


I find it just hilarious that they had this sorta thing (even as an idea) back then--and all these modern techies are so proud of their cars that "pivot the wheels for parking" over in Japan, etc.

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