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Emissions milestones

Stan Wright

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The timeline for the changes to the engines, which won't necessarily correspond directly to the model years of the trucks in which they're installed due to engine "stockpiling" by the truck manufacturers, combined with production model year changeovers to the next model year customarily occurring sometime during the spring of the year, is as follows:


EPA04 - Cooled EGR or Bridge/ACERT engines (Caterpillar only): Engines built on or after October 1, 2002 (Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, and Volvo engines, per a consent decree with the EPA) or after January 1, 2004. The earliest EPA04 engines are typically found in late-'03 or 2004 model year trucks.


EPA07 - CEGR or ACERT engines with the addition of a Diesel Particulate Filter and associated equipment: Engines built on or after January 1, 2007. Typically found in 2008 - 2010 model year trucks, with some '08s containing stockpiled EPA04 engines.


EPA10 - CEGR with either an aftertreatment system (the addition of SCR, requiring Diesel Exhaust Fluid) or massive doses of CEGR (Navistar/International only, in HD diesels): Typically found in 2011 model year and newer trucks, with some '11s containing stockpiled EPA07 engines.

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You kind of pick your emissions poison:


1988: low temp aftercoolers

1991: electronic timing, charge air cooling

1994: low sulfur diesel, electronic direct injection

1998: electronic speed, more sensors

2002,2004: CEGR, VG turbo/ACERT, variable valves

2007: DPF, electronic VGT

2010: DPF, SCR

2013: OBD sensors, warning light

2014-2017: GHG and CO2- go ahead and try to understand it ;)

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Your engine should have an emission label on it someplace.


EPA emission compliance year and truck model year are not the same. For example EPA2010 stayed in effect until EPA2013.


Heavy duty truck model years change pretty much a year early ... 2017 models will be built in January of 2016 and they will have EPA2013 engines.


It's all quite simple... :lol::lol:

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To be technically correct they will have EPA2016 engines. ;) They changed the way DEF quality has to be done and something OBD as well.


The cutoff date used to be crank set for 10/02 and earlier. I forget all of the details but for 2007 engines I think they had to VIN as an 08 no matter what. 2010 went the same way. Neither mattered too much though since nobody was buying trucks then anyways.

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