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What might this Tiffin have cost when new?

Deezl Smoke

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I found this Tiffin about an hour or a little more drive from me. I've been to this lot before looking at other stuff, and I think he only buys at auctions.


I know someone that has been looking for a class A full time rig to get started with. I plan to tell him about this today, but got to wondering if the price is kinda high for a 1999? If he goes to look at it, he'll likely take me along. I had already told him what many here have said about Tiffin/Allegro's commitment to service and they seem to be well accepted.


So what might a rig like this have cost when new? Does this sound like it might be worth having someone reputable in the industry look at it, or should he leave this one alone? My friend did say, they want to buy used first, then make notes what to change before spending the big dollar. But I want to make sure he has a good experience to start with. Friends are the same age as me, low 50s. Their kids are gone and on their own. They have land to park on when not traveling. They would likely buy a small suv as a toad.


I'm a work'n on it.

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That's a craigslist ad, and I am a little leary of them. I have had way to many people try to scam me on there. Not that all are scams, but be very very careful when going to look at this.


As far as the motorhome, I have no idea what it would have cost new. But as in any other deal with a used motorhome have a professional look it over and do an inspection on the RV portion, then the auto part of the MH.



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It is a Craigslist ad, but it's being sold by a dealer. (Note the Escapees sticker in picture #3!)

As far as the length is concerned, the Model number is M-37, according to the NADA page and the info does say it's 37' long. However, model numbers rarely correspond to actual length and I doubt NADA measured it, so it's entirely possible that the rig is 39' bumper to bumber. If you go to see this unit, you can verify its actual length.

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I'm not sure how the price new really matters. In the end its what the current market will bring given the condition etc. It could well be more valuable if it is a highly sought after unit that is in short supply in a given geographical area as opposed to a unit that is plentiful on the market. As an example our 2000 Monaco Dynasty actually sold for $259K when ordered new. But We didn't concern ourselves with that. We saw several almost exactly like ours with various asking prices and not in the same excellent condition as ours.

All rigs need to be inspected before purchase. Go look at it first if your friend is seriously interested then have both an RV tech and a chassis inspection (by a knowledgeable diesel facility) a condition of the sale.

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I agree about being very careful about Craigslist but this is a dealer so I wouldn't worry to much about it. We actually found our "new to me" RV on Craigs list and had a great experience...I would think the most important factor or factors would be to get someone to check it out who has experience doing it. Getting the motor/transmission fluids analyzed ect ect. The price seems high to me...we looked for three years for just the right one (that we could afford) and usually found the units for sale at dealerships were higher due to the mark up the dealer applies for their part.

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If you visit the NADA motorhome listings, you will find that they show an Allegro Bus, M39 as being 40' long and an origional MSRP of $163,100 for the base model with a current average retail of $43,750. That would make the asking price pretty steep. You may want to visit your public library to see if they have the current paper version of the NADA book as it will have a lot more information than the website does. And that is what most banks will use to determine loan value. It is possible that the present owner has a loan that needs something on that order to pay it off.

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Thank you for the replies. I agree about the craigslist ads to be careful. Iam somewhat familiar with this dealer. He has been in business at that location for 49 years anyway.


I think he would deal very aggressively on it if someone were to offer cash. He sells quite a few trucks to farmers and carpenters in the area. His asking prices are always high, but he listens to good serious offers and makes deals.


I told my friend about it today. He knows where it is. We'll see if he makes it out to take a look, if nothing else, just to learn what they are about.

I'm a work'n on it.

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