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New horizons and drv


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I am a newbie, but I think you want to look at the actual weight capacity numbers, towing and pin weight for the truck and trailer. Then, if it were me, I would build in a cushion and not try hauling at full rated capacity.


You did not ask about HDT's, but let me add, that I bought (literally) into the HDT justifications I heard from the forums HDT users who used to drive LDT's and I am not at all sorry that I did. Mainly for safety reasons. But also, I would not want to be driving a big pickup around as a daily driver. We are putting a lot of miles on our little smart car. I also believe that overall cost may be less with the HDT over time. I think the disadvantages that I have found for the HDT are greater when compared to a smaller trailer that can be maneuvered into older campgrounds in State and Federal Parks. But if you are looking at 40 foot trailers anyhow, it may not be for you, but I think you should give an HDT full consideration.



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Most years of F450 will tow most 40' NH without a problem. Within specs. If you are more specific in what you want on the NH and which year your truck is and what you have in the truck (for example, hauler body?) I can give you a more specific answer.

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What Jim said.


My concern is if you have a brake problem on the fiver, any many do, what do you think is going to slow you down and stop you on the major downgrades around the country?


An F450 may pull it (I had an appointment set up for one), but will it stop it? Read the HDT section. There has even been a thread about which HDT stops better. I would bet the farm that any LDT would required a whole lot more distance for stopping, especially in an emergency.

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All F450's are dually. Do you have a conventional bed or a hauler body?


In air ride hitches for that truck I'd put on a Trailersaver with the third airbag. New Horizons can do that for you if you choose.


That truck should pull a 40' New Horizons within specs assuming that you do not do anything extraordinary to the fiver....like putting on 2000lbs of batteries.

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No hauler bed...

We do want to install solar

Should be no problem then.


New Horizons also has this years show model for sale. I would suggest that you look at both the NH and the Forks show models. Both manufacturers build a very nice unit with far better infrastructure than the DRV. Don't get me wrong, the DRV is quite nice for the money paid. But it is no Forks or New Horizon.

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