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Buying new - extra services at purchase


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Greetings all, we're thinking about buying a new rig and went to a Colorado RV dealer. They offer a service that seals the paint to protect it (supposedly) from harsh weather and sun. Also they provide some sort of metal band that goes inside the rim that supposedly keeps the tires on the rim should we get a flat. Does anyone have experience with this sort of feature? Is it worth the extra couple of grand? We're downsizing to the 2016 Travato diesel.

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The bands, possibly as I have heard of them but never used any and have really never needed any. On the paint sealant, it is no different from the same product that is offered by car dealerships and is mostly a high profit item for dealers. It may have some value but you pay very dearly for it and if you want it you would be better getting it done yourself. Back when Pam worked for the card dealer association, on cars the dealer's cost was around $75 including labor and the customer price was over $300. It is probably quite similar to that today but with bigger numbers.

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My reply, walk away from the service they are trying to peddle to you, States 02. Like Kirk said all they do is pad the dealers bottom line. When the fun comes in is when you have a problem and go to collect. And you may have to travel somewhere to collect. Pass on it! That stuff reminds me of the old car dealers deal, Scotchguard, undercoating, paint seal, and costume power grip cigarette lighter.

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The paint and fabric add on sealants and protectors are a BIG profit for the dealer. To use the guarantee, you need to carefully read the warranty. It usually requires a six to 12 month inspection and/or reapplication of the product.


Your money is better spend by leaving it in the bank and then paying for a yearly wax job.


The device that keeps the tire on the rim, may or may not help in the event of a blow out.



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As already indicated, the wheel bands can be of great assistance in event of a blowout. Many handle blowouts fine w/o them, but those who have had blowouts with them have high praise for the bands.


On the other hand, the "paint protection" is simply a very expensive wax job.

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We have been rvers for 40+ years and never a blowout. Spend your money for a TPMS system instead, easiest way I know to check your tire pressures and I read someplace that most blowouts are caused by low tire pressure.


Dealers are rip off artists. My local mechanic will install most anything(he has been slow recently) and charges $85/hour. The dealer charges $155/hour plus a substantial mark-up on every item. Skip anything the dealer offers to you.

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