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"Banjo" clamps on the turbo charger

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2007 Volvo with the D12. Returned to truck after it had been sitting for sometime. Noticed a different sound from the passager floor area. Drove a few miles and found we were not making much power. A bit of investigating found both clamps that go around the turbo had broken at the stud holding the ring clamp in place.


What do you think could cause the part failure and does anyone have an opinion on possible turbo damage?



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Yes, the exact torque on turbo V-band clamps is critical and is measured in inch/lbs, not ft/lbs. There needs to be room for expansion and contraction as the turbo heats and cools. Antisieze compound must be used on both the threads and the mating surface of the clamp for it to seat properly. There is also a seating procedure that needs to be followed, like torqueing lug nuts or engine studs, but different. ;)


You need to have the turbo inspected and new clamps installed by a qualified turbo mechanic. Many V-band clamps may look similar but they are made out of different materials according to the temp range at which they are used. Turbos get very hot. If the wrong clamp is used it will fail. If too loose, blow-by gasses will escape, weakening the clamp and causing failure. I worked with a turbo mechanic back in the 70s and built some of the first turbo street motorcycles back then. BTW, you'll be surprised how much they cost. :o


Here's a good article on these simple yet critical fasteners. http://www.stangtv.com/tech-stories/engine/v-band-clamps-from-race-parts-solutions/



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Thanks for the article. Interesting to see why they would use the clamp to reduce the install space requirements verses a bolted flange system. About $45.00 each for the two clamps. Install ? Pretty limited room behind the turbo to thread the clamps in place with out damaging the clamps.


Hope the turbo isnt damaged.

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It's on the boost side, right? pressure out so no trash can get in. See no reason for damage.

As long as the compressor wheel (turbine) did not touch the housing you are probably right. But the clearance is tight and it may have. If so, all the metal bits will have to be cleaned out of all the plumbing and the damaged components replaced.



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Brad, I don't know what part of the country your in or near. However if your near Memphis, Tn here is a great turbo shop.


They can always ship on the little brown trucks. Richard Watts is the owner.

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