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Check your sewer hose carrier

Brad & Jacolyn

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Good Morning,
Just a note about what happened to me yesterday. We pulled out of a park in Tonopah, AZ and started west. We were only on the road about 10 minutes when a trucker blew his horn and pointed under the rig. I pulled over and found that one of my sewer hose carrier pipe straps had broken and the pipe was leaving plastic shavings down the road. I built the carrier out of 4" (I think) PVC pipe and suspended it under the rear of the 5er with strapping. I don't remember what the strapping it is called but it comes on a roll and is about 1" wide and has holes every inch or so. Ours has been under there for 5 years and it finally broke yesterday. Fortunately, I had enough slack left in the strap that I could reattach it on the side of the road and continued on for the day. I replaced both straps yesterday and hope to be good for another 5 years. Just thought I should pass that along. I still have plenty of material left on the pipe but if the trucker had not waved me over I assume that I would have ground it down to nothing including the sewer hose and connectors.


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There are just Soooo many comments to make here.....

Paul, leave Brad alone. You know if he had lost his hose on the road he coulda been in deep sh.....uh, poo :wacko:


Sorry Brad...I don't have any of the restraint mentioned by so many of your other friends.

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Thanks Brad .... made me look. While mine is not broken .... yet ...... I do now have something else to do on my preventive maintenance list when I get home. I am sure I will spend the entire ride home starring in the mirror to make sure it is still ok!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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