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Sick of telemarketers and robocalls? The FCC is poised for a crackdown.


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12 years ago we got the Do not call list. Now the telemarketers are posing a non profits and using spoofing techniques so we don't know where they come from. I am so glad to read the following.




Under the new rules, which FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed to his fellow commissioners Wednesday, you'll be allowed to opt out of telemarketing calls with as little as a verbal order not to call again. That might sound like an obvious step. But many who've been hit by unwanted calls can't find relief without filling out complicated forms or jumping through other hoops, said a senior FCC official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly.


Other steps are designed to thwart robocalls and automated dialing. One measure encourages phone carriers to adopt off-the-shelf products that can block robocalls automatically and offer them to consumers as a service. That proposal comes after phone companies and 39 attorneys general asked the FCC whether offering the technology was legal.


Another more clearly defines what auto-dialing technology is so that telemarketers can't squirm out of obeying the regulations. And if you switch your phone number, telemarketers will only be allowed to call your new number once — giving you the chance to tell them to buzz off.

The proposals could take effect as soon as June 18, when the FCC will vote on whether to approve them. If they pass, they'll represent the answer to nearly two dozen formal petitions for the FCC to act against telemarketers."


More here on the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2015/05/27/sick-of-telemarketers-and-robocalls-the-fcc-is-poised-for-a-crackdown/?wpisrc=nl_tech&wpmm=1

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ABOUT frikkin time. If it doesn't come up with a name - we do not answer. IF?? the leave a message, I'll enter the number and call back - maybe.


Personally, I think we need over the air caller ID data free. Why should a landline have to provide it and not the mobiles? They are digital calls, now trying open wifi so they don't even provide air time!! Hmmm.... does that mean that MY data through the mifi / wifi gets charged data time when I'm in the trailer? betcha - so now my UNLIMITED calls will get charged to my data plan!!


Rant done

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Thanks, Derek. I'll believe it when I see it working... I recall the announcement of the original 'do not call' list. The FCC could take care of this, but I do not believe they are sincere. The cell phone spammers will do just as the email spammers do... change the origination of the call... and declare it a 'new call'


Unless I know the caller, I do not answer the call. I will call back after they hang up... in the rare instance that they are legitimate.


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I hung up on a robo call a while back without listening. Turns out it was my doctor's office reminding me of an appointment. I missed it. I have also received a robo call from my pharmacy (telling me something I hung up again). I even get them on my phone in Spanish. Add me to the "I hate them list".



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I listen to the end of the robo calls as there is usually an option to be deleted from their calling list. It works too, as mine as almost non existent.

I love to play with the live callers, I feign deafness and have them repeating themselves over and over, yelling at the tops of their voices. I let them get to the end of their script and ask them to repeat it. After a couple of times (If they didn't hang up yet) I then ask for their name and employee number for my report to the FCC about their violation of my No Call List rights. That usually gets them, although a few get ticked off and want to argue, then I just laugh in their faces.

My one great thrill was an Indian sales person that I jerked around for about 20 minutes then I demanded somebody who spoke better English (They hate that because they get downgraded for poor English). After getting transferred several times I started the deaf/speak up routine and the poor guy on the other end completely lost it, told me to go "F" myself and hung up on me. I'm guessing his review won't be favorable when they review the tapes!

I honestly quite like sales calls!!


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I feel it is my civic duty to keep a telemarketer on the line as long as possible, not only do I cut his paycheck possibly causing him to seek honest work but I can also prevent him form disturbing several neighbors by keeping him on the line until his shift is over.

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