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What's for Dinner at the National HDT Rally


What's for Dinner at the HDT Rally?  

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  1. 1. Keep it the same or change it up?

    • BBQ
    • Hamburgers & Hot Dogs with all the fixin's
    • Other (Please Elaborate)

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Gail is finishing up the schedule for the National HDT Rally. In the years past, we have always had a BBQ night catered by Hog Wild or Roy's BBQ. On last year's surveys, a few people indicated they would like to maybe have something different next year. Well, what's different? Hamburgers & Hot Dogs with all the fixin's maybe? Or, should we stick with BBQ? It's your rally, so what do you think?

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Well, ya can't beat good BBQ and I think Hog Wild's is fairly good. I also think that catered burgers would be rather bland and tasteless....sorta like those nasty convenience store hot dogs (but there ain't a night shift cop that doesn't crave one of those occasionally). Now if y'all were cooking burgers that might be different, but would be another task added to a list that I am sure is a mile long already.....so I voted for BBQ.

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The farewell dinner (bring and cook your own steak) at the ECR was outstanding, particularly the "fixins' that showed on the tables" for folks to embellish their stakes, fried onions for stakes, sour cream with horseradish for baked potatoes, etc.





Plus the company, but we all know about that.





That would be my suggestion in lieu of barbecue dinner, but in the interest of full disclosure I am not a fan of barbecue.

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I'm fine with Bar-B-Q. That said, I'm willing to be open minded and consider something different. I agree that burgers, brats, hot dogs should be grilled fresh. I need to be gluten free but, I can enjoy foods normally served on a bun "naked".

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Born and raised in Texas now Tennessee boy. BBQ for me and hate to say it the guy in the forefront of Phoenix last picture does some of the best pork I've ever eaten and Paul does a great brisket.


I can tell you are from Texas..... Only a Texan would consider a cut of beef on a grill with some sauce "Bar-B-Que"......


A few more years in Knoxville and you will come around to a true understanding of Bar-B-Que... it is a slow cooked, fall off the bone, mouth watering piece of pork. Beef is for steaks and grilling.... :)


Having said that however, I'm fine either way. Bar-B-Que or hotdogs and hamburgers. The company that I will have is what matters to me and so far, this group has been great in that department...

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HI Steve & Gail!


Well we are always happy with the food, never had a bad table yet. I do agree that sausage, burgers ,an dogs are great if cooked fresh, but Bar B Que is just fine with us.

Last winter @ THE RANCH SKP PARK in NM they had a "bring your own meat night" that seemed to work out well and every one brought a dish to pass. They had a large 4x4 pit to grill over, I think they may have had some Mesquite mixed in with the coals.

Thanks for asking and we look forward to being back in the fold.




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