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Soltron, Starbrite, Start Tron, diesel additives, your opinion please.

mr. cob

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Howdy All,


Anyone use these products, are they the same thing only under different brand names, do you use them, if you use or have used them do they work as claimed or are they another version of high buck snake oil? Any and all opinions are welcome and will add to the HDT community knowledge base. Thanks.



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I have never herd of any of these products.

I use Power Service antijell for one or two tanks of fuel if I am going to cold country from the south, because the fuel is not winterized. If I stay in the north and fuel there I do not add anything.

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Starbrite is a product name highly visible in the diesel marine world. Fuel additives come in many forms, including anti gelling, cetane booster, biocide or anti watering. With the exception of an anti microbial additive, you can often find the product with any three of those "additives" or individually.


Power Service and Howe's are the products that you'll often see in truck stops. There are many, many more available. I'm a firm believer in fuel additives. If for no other reason but to remove water from your tanks...which can lead to contamination issues. As you probably know, the best way to prevent water is to keep tanks full, but I always use the additive to insure that fuel is as clean as possible.

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Lots or info available on line....

Here is another one to consider.......http://www.archoil.com/ar6000-fuel-treatments/
Cleaned and lubed my injectors on my Ford 6.0 and improved the mileage around town.

(Also used the oil treatment to clean up the "striction" issue on my Ford).

Added some to the HDT on last fill-up but not enough miles to see any results.

Prior to the Archoil I used https://opti-lube.com/ products with great results.

I also believe in a good additive to help keep all the diesel "gremlins" at bay.

ULSD fuels along with Bio mixes have made me a bit "wary" of what I am really putting in my tanks.

Snake oil to some.......peace of mind for others......


P.S. no dog in this hunt......

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