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  1. Blown engine in Culbertson, MT. Three more weeks for replacement. It was 10 deg. when I got up yesterday. 25 today and 3 inches of snow.
  2. dlcarsonak


    In the mid-1990's Volvo started installing a Bob-tail system. (not the correct name) With the trailer (red) button in it things the truck is loaded and puts more air to drivers. With the trailer button out it applies air equally to steer and drive. Go to a empty parking lot and practice stops both ways.
  3. rpsinc, they have several factory's around the USA. I liked the fact that they meet the DOT and Federal Highway Safety standards. The mounting is included in price.
  4. I e-mailed Morgan truck body. A sales person got back to me that day. They make all sizes. Mine is 102 W x94 H x 126 L. I got a side door. They added extra rafters because I said I was mounting solar panel on top. Around $8000 mounted on my frame.
  5. The way you drive is more important than buying a bunch of stuff. When you see a truck getting close to pass, you add fuel to the rig. Don't speed-up, push the accelerator just enough for the engine to pull the rig harder. If you can, move to the right side of your land. The more space between you the less push of the air. In a cross wind. Slow-down. Hold the steering wheel at the 5 and 7 o'clock position. No money spent. The after market stuff works. I Start with what is free. If this help you, please post it here. It has help everyone I have shared it with.
  6. You already know what the Super C will do. If you are happy with it, why go to the unknown. If I understand the numbers; why go to a 9L when you can go with a 13L or 16L. The bigger the number the more power. In the mountains more power is better.
  7. At the East end of US 2. Heading to Sidney, MT. Follow US 2. I have 17 days to do it. See you on US 2.
  8. Do not know what it is called, but look in your paper work for the rig. Some toilet papers have a parts list. Take the part to ACE Hardware, they may have one, are know where to get one.
  9. dlcarsonak

    Rig Upgrade

    Shawn, my contact was Mark Walkosz at Morgan and he is in AZ but we did it all online. MarkWalkosz@morgancorp.com When I told him I was going to add solar panels on top of this box he added three extra support for me. Morgan does have a good website to look at everything. Glyn
  10. dlcarsonak

    Rig Upgrade

    I ordered a new box for my truck thru Morgan Corp. I had it mounted in Corsicana, Texas. Photo 1 is my old drom box, Photo 2 is with the old box removed. Photo 3 is where I had to remove the deck on my truck down to the frame for instillation. Photo 4 and 5 are the new box mounted. It now has a side door instead of a rear door.
  11. Have you tried to use the High idle? On low idle the Alt. may not produce enough electric to run everything. Just my thoughts. I had a student that let his coach idle all night, then he had to buy a new Alt. Check cabin air filter.
  12. Chad, Thank you for a great rally. A lot of fun and friendly people.
  13. We are in Arlington, OR. next to the big river. FHU $125 a week. OPEN
  14. That is the dry weight. You need to add the weight of: the two of you, your gear (this is about 1000# per person), propane, water, tools, and the hitch, I find many people do not think about mirrors with rigs like yours. If you can not see the red marker light on the side of the trailer, at the back, you do not have the correct mirrors. Best of luck and happy camping
  15. All is a GO for us to be at the rally. We are in Portland, OR. now. Leaving Friday for Caldwell. My truck is slow, but I thank I can make it. lol Last week we were in Caldwell. We were passing through, but had brake problems and parked over night at the Truck Stop at the exit for Ambassador RV park. I got permission to use the Rodeo Arena parking lot, just down the street and replaced the brake backing plate and all. The next exit West of the exit for Ambassador has a Maveric Fuel Stop, with satellite pumps and cheep fuel. ($1.89 I think)
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