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    Turning Radius

    Kevin Yes, The location of the 5th wheel makes a lot of difference. Do a test-on-the-desk. Take a pencell to use for your truck and hold it a different spots and turn it. Have one end be the 5th wheel and where you hold it is the rear axle. It works like a teeter-totter.
  2. We have been FT for 10.75 years and there has been 167,000 miles of travel = 15,534 miles per year.
  3. Great Rally. Chad worked hard to see all had a good time. Man, was it hot over 100 several days. Many fine looking rigs. THANK YOU CHAD
  4. We are here. (Ambassador RV Resort, Caldwell, ID.) There are several people here for the rally. It is great to meet new people and see the ones that remember us. (I am terrible at remembering names) Helps to learn new names a few at a time. Looking forward to the rally.
  5. No Chicago for me. Oklahoma road are bad. I use US-50 across KS. No stops from KC. to Dodge City, KS.
  6. Leaving Monday, June 7 2021 for WCR. North on US-83 to North Platt, NE. West on I-80. Plan to arrived on June 10.
  7. Anjo The trailer is yours. RV trailers are not a rugged as semi trailers. I have used air 5th. wheel for 9 of the 11 years FT. The air helps not destroy the RV. It allows the trailer to float.
  8. I have not had a problem with the electric part of my hydraulic jacks in the 6 years we have had the coach. I am sure there is a fuse some where. The jacks will not move unless there is power to the pump to move the oil. In cold weather the hydraulic oil is cold and will not move the jacks very far. You must move them up and down a few time to warm the oil. There is not any safety pins on mine or any that I have seen. Can and Should are two separate meanings. The book says do not use the jacks to raise the coach off the ground. The jacks are strong enough to do it. I know because some times in auto level it will raise the coach off the ground.
  9. We are on the road, yet. We are continuing to work the Sugar Beet Harvest in MT. That is is in Sept. & Oct. Was in Q in 2020. Heading to a rally in ID. come June.
  10. Looks like this class has died. Freddie & Delsie and Diane & I are here in Paducah having our own rally. We are two blocks apart. Freddie and I go for a walk every afternoon. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their life.
  11. I have no markings and have been FT for 11 years. I have been stopped one time and it was close to the Mexican border. I did not have the trailer with me. At the time my truck looked a little shady. I have up-graded my garage so it doesn't look so bad.
  12. We will be leaving Paducah, Texas around the 7 of June and arriving at Ambassador on the 10 of June. We will take US-83 to North Platte, NB. and I-80 to Little America, WY. US-30 to Pocatello, ID. then I-84 to Caldwell, ID. We do not plan stops. We stop for the night when and where we are. There will be no campgrounds in route. Glad to have any and all to caravan. I got a little truck and am slow.
  13. Chad Good web site. Very easy to pay-up for everything, also. We are just waiting on the calendar. See you soon.
  14. dlcarsonak

    Balancing tires

    I second what Suitesuccess said, about the centering lug nuts. They worked for me. I now do not worry about balancing the steer tires. I only put two nuts on each wheel, 180 deg. from each other. I am looking at getting Centramatic, these are the first negative commits' I have heard about them. Safe travel and stay warm in Texas.
  15. If my memory serves right. The law is 600 pounds per inch of tire width. (11R22.5 =6,600 per tire 13,200 axle) 20,000lb. axles are available for the front. I have no proof, but my personal belief and experience is 75% of the axle weight rating is where the best ride and handling is. It is your truck and your final decision. good luck and may some answers help.
  16. Chad You are a great leader. See how the Rally is growing. Keep up the good work.
  17. I have seen this rig and visited with the owners. It is very spacious inside. and probably the safest RV I have seen. The trailer has tandem, duel tires, with air ride and air brakes.
  18. Looks like there are people on the 2008, 2009 group. Diane and I are spending Christmas in my home town. (Paducah, Texas) It is about 1/2 the size it was when I left. (1128 pop.)
  19. Blown engine in Culbertson, MT. Three more weeks for replacement. It was 10 deg. when I got up yesterday. 25 today and 3 inches of snow.
  20. dlcarsonak


    In the mid-1990's Volvo started installing a Bob-tail system. (not the correct name) With the trailer (red) button in it things the truck is loaded and puts more air to drivers. With the trailer button out it applies air equally to steer and drive. Go to a empty parking lot and practice stops both ways.
  21. rpsinc, they have several factory's around the USA. I liked the fact that they meet the DOT and Federal Highway Safety standards. The mounting is included in price.
  22. I e-mailed Morgan truck body. A sales person got back to me that day. They make all sizes. Mine is 102 W x94 H x 126 L. I got a side door. They added extra rafters because I said I was mounting solar panel on top. Around $8000 mounted on my frame.
  23. The way you drive is more important than buying a bunch of stuff. When you see a truck getting close to pass, you add fuel to the rig. Don't speed-up, push the accelerator just enough for the engine to pull the rig harder. If you can, move to the right side of your land. The more space between you the less push of the air. In a cross wind. Slow-down. Hold the steering wheel at the 5 and 7 o'clock position. No money spent. The after market stuff works. I Start with what is free. If this help you, please post it here. It has help everyone I have shared it with.
  24. You already know what the Super C will do. If you are happy with it, why go to the unknown. If I understand the numbers; why go to a 9L when you can go with a 13L or 16L. The bigger the number the more power. In the mountains more power is better.
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