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Loss of a fur pet


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April 22 was a real bad day it started out with taking our 15 year old cat to the vet because she was gasping for air. Come to find out she had a unoperable tumor in her lower windpipe and was closing off her throat. I had to make a hard decision to have her put down. She was going to go with us for the first time camping in a few weeks. So she is going to be missed dearly. Good bye my dearest pet Squeakers.


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Let me say welcome to the Escapee forums. We are happy to have you join us, but sad about the event that brought you here. :(


We all go through that at times as it is one of the costs of owning pets but some of us feel that it is worth the price. We lost or faithful Fancy just a year+ into our fulltime travels. We found our Muffy to join us in or travels but she is now nearly 13 years old and so will be leaving us before too many more years.


Our hearts ache for you.

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My thoughts are with you. From the pic, Squeakers looked healthy, happy, and content - which means she felt loved and save. Although it is horribly difficult to accompany your loved ones to that final journey, be assured that you saved her from further suffering. It is never easy and if you are like me, you never forget the bond that was forged. Be very grateful for all the love and companionship she gave you for 15 years. You will meet again.


You will live on in my heart
my little friend so true,
and memories of you will fill my mind
until I go to you.

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As you know, there's no such thing as "just" a pet. They wrap themselves into our affections, are always glad to see us, and teach us how to play again. No matter how harrowing the day, when we open the door, they act as if we've been gone for years and newly rediscovered. They forgive us all, and teach us to forgive ourselves, if we but listen. They keep us company when we are alone, and help entertain when we are not. They start our days with their greeting in the morning, and never curl up for bed without seeing us safe in ours. Some never appreciate their fur kids. By your post you did yours. I'm sorry you lost yours too soon, but I am glad that for the time your fur kid had, she got to share it with you.


Welcome to the forums.

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Very sorry for your loss. We had to make a similar decision several years back for our 17 year old pound puppy. Hannah traveled over 50,000 miles with us and we miss her. A week after she died we found a pure bred Cairn Terrier at our local pound and she looked just like one we had lost previously. She loves to travel and is right there when we return. I'm sure you will find a new kitty to try and take Squeakers place.


Welcome to the forums.




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9 hours ago, Beowulf Agate said:

We lost our 16 year old Siamese, Scooter, in a rv park near Kerrville, Texas in Feb.,2018.

Welcome to the Escapee forums! Sorry about your loss but please don't hesitate to join other parts of these forus. 

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