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  1. HERO Maker is offline at the moment, but if he saw this post I'm sure he would mention COMMERCIAL RV INSURANCE is astronomical, and premiums increase exponentially each year. Carriers frequently decide after covering the big RVs for a year that they are going to drop them altogether, so it's always a shifting search. *** I don't have the specifics on the numbers at the moment, but if our most recent policy premium is as I remember, it would underwrite our space rent at our current park for 13 MONTHS, not including our monthly electric bill.
  2. CEEMINOR, This thread might be helpful. Start with first post, even though the link opens near the end of the thread. Enjoy the read: http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/130797-no-power-on-dometic-fridge-model-rm-2652/?tab=comments#comment-937589
  3. We signed up with Escapees mail service in Livingston in July 2008 when we left our stick and brick. We have been so happy with their service. In all that time the mail only got screwed up one time and it wasn't Escapees; the substitute mailman for the day wasn't aware that the house being framed didn't belong to the pre-existing mailbox and he didn't deliver the mail. All the Escapees help has been outstanding for all the years on the road. Whether it's membership, mail service or the forum, the motto ought to be "Don't leave home without it."
  4. One of our favorite ways to find places to stay when heading out to new territory is through a site called RV Park Reviews. I just checked the Iink and it looks like the name has changed to Campground Reviews. http://www.campgroundreviews.com Search the area where you'd like to visit and a number of choices will come up, along with nearby towns to explore further. The reviews are written by people who've stayed on site, and their opinions reflect what they value at a campground. You can tell pretty quickly if you'd like to explore a place further. The other nice feature is that m
  5. I discovered drain flies in the shower and found this interesting website: https://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com. The home page has tons of links by pest category which lead to further help to identify what specifically you are dealing with. Here is one of the links on fly categories: https://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/fly-table-summary.html You can also search midges, fruit flies, biting flies, gnats and more. This is a product they recommend for drain flies, safe for RVs and septic. "InVade Bio Drain Gel combines citrus oil and premium microbes in formulation th
  6. I like stackable rubbermaid tubs. Will check the label when we park today. We have a variety of sizes - some of which have lasted more than 10 years. Heat, cold, humidity isn't an issue and if the contents went in dry they stay dry. They can bear the weight of either another box on top, or even our little grill without cracking or caving in. The lid is deep, and the lip keeps things from sliding around or related little doodads from rolling off. From size to size the lids are interchangeable. Looks like Rubbermaid's quit making roughneck boxes, but you may be able to find some still in ret
  7. Pyrex, Corningware, and regular metal bakeware work fine in my convection mic. Haven't used a regular oven for 10 years. I also bake at the temp called for in recipes and just set a timer at 10 and 5 minutes early to check for doneness.
  8. Here is the publication Social Security sent. It's a .pdf or I would post the link: What You Need to Know When You Get Retirement or Survivors Benefits Social Security Administration | Publication No. 05-10077 ICN 468300 | Unit of Issue — HD (one hundred) January 2018 (Recycle prior editions) Produced and published at U.S. taxpayer expense On page 5 there is an interesting section on what you must report to the government. Here is just a little highlight of many: Let us know if you plan to go outside the United States for a trip that lasts 30 days or more.
  9. Thank you First Responders! Love to hear your cat stories. Hearing how you've handled chronic issues is minimizing my initial Shock and Awe Sh*&%#~t! I could hardly talk for 30 minutes after that first diagnosis and prognosis (max 3 months if left untreated). Thankfully we caught it early and she's NOT underweight, even though she was dropping weight fast. Kitty begs for cheese but rarely eats it unless she sees it come right out of my sandwich in a 1/4" x 1/4" piece. Too bad we can't hide that pill in a potato chip. LOL. Liverwurst sounds like a great plan ~ at least I like
  10. What do you know? My husband said we could do that with ours, too! Does it turn itself off when the power comes back on?
  11. I think the pill popper is going to be a finger saver! LOL
  12. Any tips on the easiest way to give a cat a small pill? I'm hoping to find something to hide it in so she'll just eat it. I tried the chicken flavored "greenie" but she chewed the empty sample up. The second one had the pill and she spit the first bite right out and wouldn't even eat the "pill-less" leftover as a snack. I've had success with a pill popper but don't want to make the pet sitter learn that trick. As an update, we've been doing sub Q fluids almost a year now and the vet just said her kidney disease numbers are better than when we started. The bad news is she's
  13. In 10 years we've never been charged for Kitty, but when asked we tell them we have a cat. I like the manager to know she's in here in case of some emergency. It rarely happens, but sometimes power goes out in our park on high-demand days when it's super hot. If we're away from the rig, I'd like a call if that happens. Yesterday (June 8), it was 90 degrees at 8 pm INSIDE the fiver after towing all day through south Texas. It could be that and more in no time if the electricity goes out mid-day here at the border in the summer. If I can't get back quickly to rescue Kitty, the manager
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