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Emergency Tire Plugging Kit


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During the roundtable session the last day of the ECR, the topic was raised about on-the-road tire repair using a plugging kit.

Here is the system I have that I carry on my motorcycle:




I've used it once when I had a flat in the rear tire, and it worked well. It does not require removing the tire from the rim.

Several hundred miles after fixing my moto flat, I replaced the tire, as plugged holes are not considered safe when your vehicle only has two tires in the first place!

But for emergency repairs it's a pretty good tool.



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I use a similar kit. Fixed many Jeep tires with it...but never an HDT one (yet). They work well, and can be a real life-saver. Especially in combination with a tire monitor system where you know you have an issue BEFORE you run it totally flat. Most of us do not carry a bead seater :)

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I was mounting tractor tires a few months back and little brother was helping. The sidewalls were pulled in about 4", making it VERY difficult to inflate the tires. He practically went ballistic when I refused to use the ether method.


Instead, I packed the bead area with Murphy's tire mounting soap and inflated them. Until you see it, you wouldn't believe how well it works, and safely.

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With a HDT tire I think you will have to ream the hole out before inserting the plug. Back in the late 70s I had a tire repair business and remembering steel belted radials were just getting popular and I broke many a plugs while inserting them and that was after reaming out the hole. I would think you could use a drill and bit to ream the hole in place of a reamer.

I had seated many a tire with tire soap and I also had what was called a jet ring. A ring that set on top of the tire with holes all around it and attached to a 1" air line from compressor. Now a days they use what looks like a 2 gallon air tank with a 2' nozzle on it and charge it from the air compressor and direct it at the gap between the tire and rim and blast air into it to seat it.

I also have used starting fluid as last resort, but didn't like to.

Oh, this also brings back memories also of the old split rims, I don't miss it..

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I am with Mark on this one. I wouldn't consider any repair on a tire in the field. If one of the duals is flat, drive slowly to the nearest repair shop or if needed have them come to you. Rarely have I had a tire leak so badly I couldn't air it up and drive it. If it is leaking and damaged that badly you are going to replace it anyway.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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