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Avion opportunity

John Lindsay

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My wife and I have been talking about this for a long time. Very exciting.


Most trailers out there look cheap and flimsy to me, but I found a 1988 Avion 31ft locally that captures my imagination - but it just looks huge. The price seems OK at $7,000, yet I have no idea what kind of vehicle is necessary to pull it. A motorhome does not feel right as I want the flexibility of a vehicle independent of the living accomodations. I feel like I want to buy the Avion now before I lose it, park it next to the house under cover and sneak up on the whole RV experience but just don't know how to start. Is this crazy and backwards?


I also need to know how everything works and what to do to properly operate and maintain a travel trailer. "RVs for Dummies? Can someone give me a push of encouragement in the right direction? Thanks.


Also, do they make an adapter for bumper hitch trailer to a 5th wheel set up? The Avion looks like it begs for that stability.

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The silver Avions from the 1980's were fantastic trailers and were better than Air Streams of the same period. There is a good Avion group on Yahoo Groups with a lot of good information,



Also some info is available on the Air Forums in the other silver trailers area. Vintage Kin.



I do not know why you would want to convert to a 5th adapter from a Bumper hitch. There is one made, but it is heavy as well as expensive. Ir amounts to a two wheel dolly with a 5th plate in the middle of it.



WE had a 35' 3 axle Avion that towed like a dream. We used a Reese Dual Can StraightLine hitch.



A properly set up hitch and a well balanced trailer is the key to easy towing.



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We have good friends who were fulltimer in an 88 Avion of 34' for 14 years and loved it. They just sold it after leaving the road about a year or so ago. I agree with Ken that the Avion was a significant improvement over the Airstream. The company was founded by a couple of employees from Airstream (engineers I was told) who were unhappy that they could not get Airstream to adopt some of their design ideas. If it were me looking, I'd take the Avion over the Airstream of that same era?


To determine what you need to tow it with you need to know what it weighs and also what it will weigh when loaded. Somewhere inside of the RV there should be a data plate that lists the gross vehicle, axle, and tongue weights. That is what you need to know first. From there you look at trucks to find one that is rated to tow at least the GVWR of the trailer. Our friends who lived in theirs towed it with a 1 ton, Dodge diesel.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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IYQ of the classless class has a bumper pull trailer and he has many years of experience so I trust his judgement. His hitch, I think, is a Hensley. I know it is more than a typical hitch and it helps control sway. You might ask him for details about it and his pickup truck.


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The Cayo family still runs a service and repair center for the Avions. They have a replacement rock shield and can manufacture many of the curved panels as well.


Cayo Repair Services
  1. RV Repair Shop
  2. Address: 4835 M-140, Watervliet, MI 49098

Amateur radio operator, 2023 Cougar 22MLS, 2022 F150 Lariat 4x4 Off Road, Sport trim <br />Travel with 1 miniature schnauzer, 1 standard schnauzer and one African Gray parrot

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For a travel trailer that weights 7000 lbs unloaded, you should be looking at a truck that can handle 11000 lbs

or better. So I would say a 3/4 ton (2500) in which ever brand you prefer, and I would go with a diesel or at

least a V10 gas motor.


My last travel trailer came in at 7000 lbs unloaded (a 30 foot Keystone) and we towed with a 2004 Ford F350 diesel

and got decent milage and plenty of power for pulling.


Don't forget you also need to be able to stop the truck/trailer too.

Phil & Alberta Saran

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