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Volvo Roll Stiffness


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A while back I had started a thread whining about the side to side motion in the Volvo. Thought it needed a sway bar. Well, after new shocks all the way around, the side to side motion going down the road is gone. New front shocks didn't reduce the sway. On the rear, new adjustable Gabriel’s set to the center of three stiffness settings did the trick.


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Shocks are one item I have on my list to replace during a truck "build-up". Or a body build. They are cheap, and as you have found can make a difference. Not everyone will agree with replacing what could be a "good" part. But even checking them for "good" involves as much labor as replacing them (IMO), so you might as well.


Thanks for the update!!

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Oh - these shocks were most likely the originals. When I finally got one out, it was pretty limp. All four lower bolts were rust welded to the bushing inside the rubber on the shock. Naturally, without taking the tires off, you could only get on the bolt with the impact and only with an 8" extension that winds up a bit. And the impact did nothing as the rubber just wound up, absorbing all the energy the impact could provide. Not enough room to use a gas axe or cutoff wheel, so a pipe on the breaker bar was used to destroy a Craftsman 1/2" drive socket.


The process that broke the rust weld involved an air hammer with a very dull chisel installed.....hammered on the shock bushing as close to the rubber as I could get. When a cloud of rust dust blew out the end, the bolt was free.

A lot of rolling around under the truck and a whole bunch of comments about things in general during this process. :angry:


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It may be because I have a heavier front axle (14,600lb), but mine has a sway bar--without measuring, I'd guess it's at least an inch and a half in diameter. Even before I replaced my shocks, body roll was never an issue. I wonder if it would be possible to retrofit it to the lighter front axle--maybe I'll have to look and see if I can see any part numbers.

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