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Truck hitch


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The brand is mostly up to the buyer and what he/she likes. The biggest must do is find the GVRW of your trailer and size the hitch heavier than that weight. I would personally recommend that you have at least 2000 pounds extra capacity in the hitch than your trailer requires.

Example : trailer GVWR is 18,000 pounds then buy a hitch that is rated at 20,000 pounds.


This just gives a good safety margin for those times when emergency stopping is required or the trailer brakes are locked or in a hole and need a little extra pull.


This advice is worth every penny you paid for it and I'm sure others will have more to say on this subject.

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Agreed. I'm looking at either the Trailer Saver TS3 or a B & W Companion 25K hitch. Both have solid safety margins and are well built. We are looking at a 18-19K trailer, and I'm am leaning toward the B & W 25K. Not gonna cut it close needlessly. I'm not aware of a downside of having too stout of a hitch.



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