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  1. I'm told it takes about 12KW of generator power to give you the full 50 amp service you (and we!) would enjoy. So, a portable genset of that size is out of the question, and nothing that big can be installed in a fiver. So, everyone chooses either a built-in (Onan 5500 or 6500, normally propane. They use a ton of your propane, however, and they add about 300 lbs to your cargo.) Or a single gasoline or a pair of gasoline generators in the 1000-3000 watt range, in which you have to make due with something less than 30 amps of power. Due to our RV having a serious lack of cargo carrying capacity, we opted for one of the most common setups: a pair of Honda 2000 watt generators that we use whenever boondocking. We just have to be aware of our power usage. Otherwise, they just hum along nicely outside the rig. Roy
  2. Greetings, I have a question for you veteran RVers out there. The other day, we decided to try to refuel our dually while we were towing our large fifth wheel (something we try hard to avoid.) So, we pull into a busy T/A truck stop on I-10 just west of I-15 in Southern California (the nearby Petro truck stop was set up the same way.) After obtaining fuel, the entire flow of big rigs was channeled through a gated parking lot where you had to take a ticket. I'm sure this was intended to generate revenue from truckers who were going to get some rest there. My question is this: should we have followed all the other lemmings through the gate, taken a ticket, then proceeded to the exit? Would we have to pay for the privilege? We ended up making a big, embarrassing u-turn, driving out through the entrance (copying the actions of one trucker.) The place was so busy that I didn't want to go inside and ask for directions. Is this a common arrangement? I have not seen this setup before. It makes us want to really avoid truck stops in the future! And, no, there were no RV lanes available. Just curious about the experiences of others. Thanks!
  3. IT IS DONE! We are now officially on-the-road as members of the Class of 2015! Today marks our first official day of full timing, which we have been planning for a decade. We hope to meet and visit with many of you out on the road! Cheers! Roy
  4. This weekend we return our sticks and bricks house to the landlord, and we will officially be vagabonds! Can't believe it is finally here! As of Sunday, we'll be footloose and fancy free (whatever the hell that means!!) Roy
  5. Well, we've moved ourselves into the new fifth wheel near our stix and bricks. We've taken a couple of trips up to Oregon and down to San Diego so far, but now it is time to ditch all of our stuff so we can vacate the house by November 1st. At that point (a scant 2 weeks away, now!) we will be official vagabonds! Roy
  6. So, based on the chart I found for my G114 LT215/75R17.5 tires (two axle, MorRyde 8K IS suspension with a trailer GVWR of 19K) I'll need to run my tires at 125 PSI cold. Any objections? Also, while watching my TST 510 tire monitors, the hot, running pressure of these tires went up to between 135 and 145 PSI, with temps running in the 100 degree range (85 degree ambient, the other day) Again, any concerns? Thanks, Roy
  7. Jack, what is the cold tire pressure you recommend on them? Roy
  8. Sue, our new Mobile Suites only had 1900 lbs of net carrying capacity BEFORE they installed a generator, washer/dryer, and motorized satellite dish. I'm not sure what you mean by "tons" of carrying capacity. I hope we have a strong and well-built frame, but net carrying capacity on paper it does not have. Roy
  9. drallison, I'm wondering what the next survey will be: anyone had any experience with crooked auto mechanics? Or perhaps crooked restaurant cooks? Maybe crooked chiropractors? Definitely want to know if anyone has had any experience with crooked veterinarians. I'll be waiting to see who is next. Roy
  10. Again, for us as soon-to-be fulltimers, we intend to get lots of use out of our Fisher Paykel dishwasher. Jack Mayer did an experiment and determined that they use 1.9 gallons per load. As for the loss of storage, we intend to use it as a drying rack for hand washed dishes too, which keep us from having to have a damn rack out on the counter! So, win/win. And squeaky clean dishes is a good thing, too. Roy
  11. Moving our junk from the old Itasca motorhome to the new DRV Mobile Suites. Already have the truck ready to go to work. We will take the new rig on our shakedown cruise right after Labor Day, then we're off to San Diego for a wedding. After that, we'll return to NorCal to vacate the house fully, and off we go! Sweet! Roy
  12. Actually, we're going to try to make it to the January 29-31 Boot Camp in Congress, AZ. We won't be that far south and east in November. We're going to spend Thanksgiving with family in Reno, then Christmas in San Diego. After that, it's eastbound and down! Roy
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