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Verizon Veteran Discount


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I thought Verizon gave a discount to veterans but I just called and they said no. I was calling about the Mifi data plans. Any comments? Anyone know about AT&T? Thanks again for all your help here.

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The discount may only apply to the phone line. I have both a cell phone and an air card with Verizon. My military discount only applies to the cell phone.

That is absolutely correct

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I applied for the veteran's discount and received an email that it was approved but it never showed up on my bill. I called and was told that I'm on a "loyalty plan" that does qualify for a employer discount. No company owes me a military discount but it's sure nice to get one.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I had no idea! We blow through data when traveling as we work out of our camper and we also qualify to upgrade to the I-Phone 6 now so any discount helps.

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**** Note: we are on the "more everything plan". Other plans may work differently. ****


If you go through your bill line item by line item you may find that the above posters Al and Phaeton have it correct.


More everything data plan gets the discount, and devices/cell phone "line access" charges get no discount.




Cut and paste from my bill (viewed on line):


Here is the portion I get a discount on:


Account Monthly Charges



15% Access Discount



Account Monthly Charges





Note: my total bill is higher when you add in two lines for 2 cell phones, one line for internet device, plus all the fees and taxes.


The fee with no discount allowed per smart cell phone is:

Smartphone Line Access



The fee for a internet device with no discount allowed is:

Jetpack/Usb Line Access



Looking at the 2 actual cell phone "access" lines, and the one device "access line", there is NO military discount. So at least on my billing, only the more everything data plan has the discount, and the cell phone and device line access has NO discount.

Dan - SKP club member

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On the old plans, like America's Choice and Nationwide, the Veteran's discount is 15% off of the basic plan, which is the voice minutes. There is also a discount on the features, like data. I believe the feature discount is 12%, but may be 15% also.


On the Share Everything and More Everything plans, the 15% discount comes off of the core of the plan which is the data amount. The devices don't get a discount.


All plans offer some discount on accessories, I believe it is something like 25%.

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