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  1. You did and I did, but most people don’t. You seem to project your thoughts and dealings to everyone else. I am glad you enjoy your hybrid. I have no use for one as I live out in the country, drive 250-300 hundred miles many days and one will not work for me. Maybe one of these days but not at the present which is where I live.
  2. Most people do not keep a vehicle for 5 years, hence all the new car sales
  3. Like I said, fifty years ago they were talking this, still has not happened. Will it one day, maybe but not likely anytime soon.
  4. Well they have been saying that renewable energy was coming for 50 years. Everything seems to have the downside. Can I charge my car in 10 minutes like I can fuel it? No. just where are you going to put all of these wind generators? I guarantee it will be NIMBY for most folks. Heck, the rich elite in Martha’s Vineyard killed a giant offshore wind farm because they didn’t like the view!
  5. Blades from wind generators cannot be recycled, have a max 20 year lifespan and end up in landfills!
  6. Ahh, the old save the environment by having to generate more electricity scheme.
  7. While the trucks may have 4 compartments they do not deliver 4 grades of fuel. unleaded and Super unleaded are combined at the pump to create the mid grade of gasoline fuel. I have worked many fuel related insurance claims and this is how the stations do the fuel.
  8. Put nearly 250k on a 2012 Ford 6.7. With regular maintenance no problems. Like others have said, the normal maintenance is higher. I went with the Ford 7.3 this time due to change in driving patterns.
  9. Well four pages of everyone trying to show how smart they are and nothing actually accomplished
  10. Are people receiving the vaccine tested before hand to see if the have the antibodies already? Seems like they should but with the hurry up and get it done, not likely!
  11. The testing excluded reactive subjects. Maybe the makers know more than you do.
  12. Yeah, we have risked a bullet, but we knew what we were facing! Seems no one wants to address that people who have reactions to some drugs should not take the vaccine.
  13. Getting to miss a good dose of Mercury! They safe it is “ safe” but many countries have banned it.
  14. Seems they are saying folks who have allergic reactions should NOT take the vaccine. in the testing they specifically excluded subjects that had previous reactions
  15. Funny you should mention the tattoo. Just read the vaccine will contain markers to tell who has taken it. Sounds like you are part of the great conspiracy!
  16. I won’t even take a flu shot that has been around for years. Not likely to take an experimental version very soon.
  17. Try Port Arthur RV on Hwy 365 was just there for a few weeks, nice place and nice folks
  18. Let’s be clear on terms. Texas requires a CARRY permit which can be either concealed or open. There is no longer a concealed carry permit.
  19. Also a lot of the traction issue depends on the slope of the ground.
  20. You can purchase an extension that will connect to your existing tank plumbing. Check an RV store or a propane dealer
  21. The real answer is......... it depends on where you are at the time. many places nearly any service is good. In some places, Verizon may be better than ATT and vice versa.
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