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  1. Many, many commercial truck policies do not cover when “ bobtailing” ie driving with no trailer attached. No matter the reason
  2. I would stay out of NYC, pandemic or not!
  3. Well you have to remember the taxes so it may be a lower level Prevost!😎
  4. Reread the full thread,did census
  5. I still have not received the census. I was going to complete on line but have to have the PIN
  6. Wife trimmed my hair the other day. Only problem is she did it the way she liked it not the way I like it.. May be time for plan B
  7. We pay increased hospital costs for a lot of reasons, illegals, government funding for abortion, etc
  8. Should people stay at home, likely Should they be forced? If you comply and stay at home and they don’t, how does their stupidity affect you?
  9. Not saying that at all, but giving the government the authority to say who can work and who can’t is a big step in the wrong direction EDIT just read where some have filed legal challenges to stay at home, shelter in place orders which are likely to be granted
  10. The virus is serious and very contagious. However, I feel we are giving up too much of our liberty for possible safety
  11. The problem is we have too much government the “funding “ is just the carrot to attract you
  12. Because Texas has 200 counties not affected. Why penalize them. He did declare a state of emergency the counties can make their own determination
  13. Hard to find a Super Duty diesel on a dealers lot in Texas that is not 4wd My 2012 has it even though I did not want it, but after a couple of times on slick grass, etc was darn glad I had it
  14. I reviewed the on line version, while short, they ask way too many personal question for an “enumeration “ None of their business what my name is, my race, age number of different items. I normally return it with only the number of people in the household
  15. Deadline to file has not changed, the 90 days is to pay if you owe
  16. Just saw that US and Canada are shutting the border except for essential vehicles and trade
  17. Look at the ad for the jiggler and then look below. A battery operated hand pump. Works great
  18. I was selected to a jury on a criminal case once where I had been the claims adjuster who handled the civil portrait of the same case. I told the Judge there was a reason I didn’t feel I could serve and he called me up to the bench with the prosecutor and defense attorney. I told them of my involvement and of course the DA said “ no problem”. I was shocked when the defense said “ no problem”! turns out the defense attorney was deaf in the ear towards me and didn’t hear a word I said till his client started screaming at him. He immediately tried to get me removed. Judge said tough rough cookies and I was on the jury!
  19. How many people get a flu shot and still get the flu? How many do not get a flu shot and DON’T get the flu? It is called choices.
  20. Flood insurance will require the wheels be removed, the unit blocked and anchored
  21. Too many of these cities try to offer more and more to “ help” the homeless. This in turn attracts others who wish to freeload on the system.
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