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  1. They asked for mine also and I am nowhere near the area of the 44th parallel
  2. I could cAre less about his toy car 🚙 r battery that I will never buy. I want the Starlink so us folks in rural areas can get decent internet.
  3. I am a CAT adjuster, I have been adjusting claims for nearly 40 years. Most CAT firms will want experience unless there is a major catastrophe and they need bodies, then they will help train.
  4. Many RV parks have rentals on site
  5. Did the buzzing start after you replaced? If so we can narrow it down to a faulty unit purchased or a mistake in installation.
  6. Look at the nest routers. One router with satellites, no dead spots
  7. Six months or so ago, a cousin called me saying she could not find me on Facebook. I told her that I did not have or want a FB account. I told her that if I wanted anyone to know what, where, etc I was doing, I would call them and tell them. She jokingly said” is that why you never call me?” I said that is EXACTLY why I don’t call you!
  8. Just checking the obvious, in the car are you on a WiFi? No WiFi,no internet
  9. Cover the rod with some of the rubber shelf liner, might help i have never had a pro with the coat hangers coming off
  10. You will have to complete a form on where you will quarantine yourself for 14 days if staying in Texas. They will then do spot checks to see if you are there. If not you could be subject to fines. For what it is worth, Texas has also closed all State parks as of today.
  11. Texas has just closed all State parks.
  12. Many, many commercial truck policies do not cover when “ bobtailing” ie driving with no trailer attached. No matter the reason
  13. I would stay out of NYC, pandemic or not!
  14. Well you have to remember the taxes so it may be a lower level Prevost!😎
  15. Reread the full thread,did census
  16. I still have not received the census. I was going to complete on line but have to have the PIN
  17. Wife trimmed my hair the other day. Only problem is she did it the way she liked it not the way I like it.. May be time for plan B
  18. We pay increased hospital costs for a lot of reasons, illegals, government funding for abortion, etc
  19. Should people stay at home, likely Should they be forced? If you comply and stay at home and they don’t, how does their stupidity affect you?
  20. Not saying that at all, but giving the government the authority to say who can work and who can’t is a big step in the wrong direction EDIT just read where some have filed legal challenges to stay at home, shelter in place orders which are likely to be granted
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